18 May 2007

2 Astrological Interpretations of Planets All Forming a Row

In Astrology, when all planets are in a row, the energies of these planets are said to be more intense and focused.  It renders similar meaning, yet different applications when it comes to birth chart analysis and astrological insights.

The planets, together with the signs of the Zodiac and the twelve houses, play a very important role in interpreting one’s life and the world.  astrology planets, including the sun and the moon, and their positions and formations are believed to affect our life experiences and events.  Here are some interpretations when planets happen to be all in a row or line:

Birth chart analysis

A birth chart, otherwise know as natal chart, is a map of the exact positions of the planets at the exact time, date, and place of a person’s birth.  It is used to interpret an individual’s past, present, and future.  It could be possible that the planets in your birth chart appear to be all clustered in one line or row.  Although it has been argued that planets do not really line up, a close planetary formation may occur such as this one at very rare instances.  When this happens in your birth chart, the energies of the planets are believed to be stronger in the affected aspects of your life as represented by the houses in your birth chart.  Compared to a more dispersed planetary formation, the energies of planets in a row are more focused and concentrated.  For example, if the planets appear to line up on the third to the fifth houses in your birth chart, the planetary energies will be more focused and occurrences will be bigger on matters of communication, education, family, security, social affairs, and love life.

With this interpretation, you must also still consider that planets have rulership over certain Zodiac signs.  The planet that rules the certain Zodiac sign where the line appears to cross still has greater influence in your life.  For example, if the array of planets is found in the sign of Taurus, the most influential planet would be its ruler, Venus.  You tend to be more affectionate, sociable, and creative.  Again, the exact positions of the planets play a more meaningful role in influencing one’s life than their arrangement.  There may also be instances wherein the line of planets crosses over two zodiac signs.  In this case, find out if the ruling planets of the Zodiac signs are in their corresponding domicile.

It is also believed that when planets in your birth chart are all in arrow, you will have great personal charisma.  This is especially true when the planets are close to each other.

Astrological Insights

When planets appear to form a line across the sky, it is believed to cause significant happenings here on earth.  This assumption has been linked to the many great occurrences, depending on the planetary aspects formed, such as trines and conjunctions.  For example, when the planets close to Earth, including the sun and the moon were all aligned in May 2000, there has been an observed increase in our planet’s gravitational stress.  Many earthquakes have started to occur since 1999 until 2000.  In May 2002, another planetary alignment occurred with a conjunction of the planets Venus, Mars, and Saturn.  This was also the time when NATO-Russian Council was created on May 28, 2002, with joint military actions taken to fight terrorism in cooperation with the UN.  Note that Venus is the planet that expresses harmony and balance; Mars for action and aggression; and Saturn for discipline and about taking responsibilities.

Planets lined up in a row show huge and significant global and personal events, but the qualities of these occurrences depend on the aspects they form and what planets are involved.  All the other components in Astrology must also be considered when making interpretations, such as the twelve houses in your birth chart, as well as the signs of the Zodiac and the elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.

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