20 May 2007

7 Special Points in Your Birth Chart and Their Meaning

Points in Astrology are important angles and locations in your birth chart that also give significant meaning to your life.  Like the birth chart houses, they represent important moments and areas in your life, as well as your tendencies.  The eight special points in your birth chart include the Ascendant, Midheaven or Medium Coeli (MC), Descendant, Nadir or Imum Coeli (IC), Vertex Point, Nodes of the Moon, and Sun/Moon Midpoint.

Aside from the planets, houses, Zodiac signs, and planetary aspects, your birth chart also has special angles and locations called points.  These points are useful in interpreting your personality, your actions, the things you experience, and even your relationships. The following description of points will help you understand the importance of each point and how it affects your life:


Otherwise known as the rising sign, your Ascendant is defined as the exact degree of a Zodiac Sign which was rising on the eastern horizon at the exact moment of your birth.  Notice that when you plot your astrology birth chart, it is important that you specify the exact time and place of your birth to be accurate in your interpretations.  The Ascendant is the cusp or the starting point of your first house.  It somehow speaks of your personality as your first house does.  Any planet that falls on it or near it is said to influence your character traits.  It is also said to describe your physical attributes, as well as the mask you wear.  Although a mask seems to connote a rather shallow part of yourself, the mask meant here is something like your initial reaction or your defense mechanism in dealing with new opportunities or problems.  Your Ascendant is also believed to speak of the notion you have of the world and the people around you.

Midheaven or Medium Coeli (MC)

Your birth chart forms four primary angles from the horizon and the meridian axes.  Your MC is the second angle next to your Ascendant.  While your Ascendant is at the left side of your birth chart, your MC is the angle at the topmost portion of your birth chart.  It is the cusp of the tenth house and is said to depict your public image.  This point in your birth chart speaks of your achievements, your career, and everything that is exposed to the community, including your reputation and status in the society.


The point opposite your Ascendant is known as your Descendant.  It is the cusp of your seventh house that deals with the people who are closest to you.  Being part of the seventh house, it often relates to your relationships and marriages.  It is also said to very favorable if your partner’s Ascendant sign is the same as your Descendant or the other way around as it shows very constructive spousal connection with the mirror image you have with each other.

Nadir or Imum Coeli (IC)

Opposite your MC is your Nadir or IC.  This point is at the bottom of your birth chart as is said to be the beginning of your private identity as opposed to your public identity depicted by the MC.  It is the cusp of your fourth house and it concerns your deepest personal concerns such as comfort, shelter, nurturing, and security.  It is also said to speak of your home as well as your beliefs and traditions.  Any planet close to your IC is said to influence this area in your life.

Vertex point

Vertex is the point found at the right side of your birth chart, where the Earth’s orbit around the sun or the ecliptic intersects the prime vertical.  Astrologers believe that Vertex is important as it is a point where your wishes are fulfilled.  It is deemed to relate to fate-related events in your life.

Nodes of the moon

The moon has two significant nodes, the north and the south.  These nodes are points where the moon’s path around the Earth crosses the ecliptic.  It is believed that these nodes represent your life’s fated imbalance.  The north node of the moon speaks of the incidents in your life that you need to work on for your spiritual growth and fulfillment.  The south node, on the other hand, speaks of natural life incidents or traits that are over-developed, which you need to tone down.  Knowing these points and these experiences will help you find fulfillment in life if you do something about them.

Sun/Moon midpoint

Finally, Astrologers believe in the significance of Sun/moon midpoint.  It is the exact halfway point between the Sun and the moon.  It is said to represent your longing for companionship and close personal relationships.  Your Sun/moon midpoint also plays an important role in analyzing relationships, especially marriages.  The analysis, though, depends on other factors, such as the aspects formed by the planets near the point, as well as your partner’s personal planet in important partnerships and relationships.

All these special points in your birth chart do not only give you insights on the significant events of your life or your personal traits; they also help you learn from them to let you live a more fulfilled life.  As long as you keep an open mind and as long as you are open to changes, a happy life is sure to lie ahead of you.

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