14 May 2007

4 Relevant Aspects of Birth Chart that Determine Physical Characteristics

Your birth chart calculations can determine the following physical characteristics: a person's height, body structure, hair and eye features.

According to Molly Astrology, the sign of the Ascendant or Rising Sun describes your way of doing things, appearance and mannerism. According to Astrotheme,  the Ascendant describes half or most of the physical appearance of an individual and the Sun sign only about one-third. In a birth chart, you can find out about your personal appearance such as:

A person's height

Your ascendant can give information about an individual's height. There is an example from Astrology Explored on Pisces. The site claimed that Pisces are taller than normal having a body that retains more water which gives them a rounder and softer appearance than most people. Plus, Astrotheme gave information about Gemini. It said, they are of slim build and height is from average to tall, with a slender musculature. Geminis are often long-legged like those of ramp models.

Body structure

Another quote from Astrology Explored this time on Aries. It said that Aries are slender but with a powerful, sinewy and muscular appearance.  They may look muscular and large-boned but they are actually slender. Jasmin from Tribes.net also made mention of the body structure but this is on Capricon. She said that Capricon Risings are a bit bony and usually got a petite structure.

Hair type

This is the most common trait most astrologers can determine with your birth chart. Jasmine from tribes.net also mentioned about Scorpios and their hairlines. She said that they Scorpios have low hairlines. Astrotheme also provided a description on Cancer hair. According to them, their hair tend to be dark and thin.

Eye features

There are a lot of astrologers commenting about  the eyes of Pisces. Jasmine from Tribes.net said that with Pisces as your Sun sign, it is always about their eyes. Their eyes have that dreamy and watery look. Most Pisces have an Asian-looking pair of eyes.  Although their eyes are not as striking as Scorpios, their eyes are very appealing and noticeable.

There's an ongoing research about the association between zodiac signs and physical appearance. You can actually participate in this research by submitting your photo. They then compare your photo with those others of your rising sun sign. You will be very much surprised at the results. We often think that similarities are due to genetics but to astrologers, your ascendant has something to do with it.  You can learn more about this research by visiting their site Astrofaces.com. Quoting from Astrofaces says,  the resemblances manifest in the shape in general as well as in the features and face forms.  If you want to know more about the relationship between Astrology and physical appearance, you can visit Astrotheme.com

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