15 May 2007

3 Most Recommended Books about Zodiac Signs According to Online Ratings

According to online ratings and reviews the most recommended books that talk about the zodiac signs are: All Around the Zodiac: Exploring Astrology's Twelve Signs by Bil Tierney, Linda Goodman's Sun Signs by Linda Goodman, and Zodiac Signs by the Diagram Group.

There are a huge selection of books and articles that talk about astrology. Most of these books specifically focuses on zodiac signs. Recommended books about the zodiac often received high ratings and huge online reviews. Amongst all the thousands of astrology books that were published, the following books were currently given the highest ratings and most online reviews according to Yahoo.com and Amazon.com:

All around the zodiac: exploring astrology's twelve signs by Bil Tierney

Bil Tierney is a professional astrologer  for thirty-five years. He divided the book into three aspects that define, compare, and designate the twelve zodiac signs. This book is well recommended for its humorous approach. Reviews noted that the author skillfully balanced the intuitive thinking and logical reasoning of ideas presented with the zodiacs. All Around the Zodiac is given a five star rating amongst seven customer's review in Amazon.com. Customers recommend the book as a fresh and in-depth perspective of the zodiacs.

Linda Goodman's sun signs by Linda Goodman

This book is one of Linda Goodman's best rated works. According to Amazon.com reviews, this book is very comprehensive in interpreting zodiac sun signs characteristic and compatibility. Linda Goodman's Sun Signs is the perfect book for relationship compatibility according to your zodiac signs. It received a 78% rating from ninety-four customer's reviews. This book is an easy guide in understanding zodiac relationships which are contextualize in a very light and subtle manner. Ideas and pointers are presented more in a female perspective which makes the book very popular to women.

Zodiac signs by the Diagram group

The book Zodiac Signs is one of the few books that gives a compact yet complete description of the zodiac signs. It is recommended for being able to briefly interpret the male and female personality traits. It also recommended as gift items because it is easy to read and worth the price. It has been given a five-star rating from Amazon.com. This book is like a perfect dictionary of zodiac signs.

For easy comprehension and information regarding your zodiac signs choose the most recommended books by the popular majority. These books received such reviews because of the proven experiences by the readers. So grab one now and know it yourself. Let the wisdom of the zodiac guide you in your journey.

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