13 May 2007

3 Important Facts You Need to Know About Lemon Law

Lemon laws protect consumers, ensure warranty, and provide solutions to mechanical items that did not meet the quality standards for a more protected consumer's rights.

Lemon laws are consumer's protection laws that help consumers get rid of worthless and below standard mechanical items. In America, these laws may differ depending on the state. For example, California Lemon law should be referred and facilitated by California lemon law attorney as well. It ensure the consumers to rightfully have the value of what they paid for. Consumer's rights are more protected because of the following conditions that is granted by the Lemon law:

Protect consumers

When a certain mechanical item is considered as defective when it is newly purchase, customers are place in a certain degree of risk. This is all true to purchasing defective vehicles, computers, and other appliances that may cause serious life threatening accidents. Lemon law protect consumers from purchasing defective items. This law protect consumers from exposing themselves to the risk of accidents that these defective items may cause. It also protect consumers from being exploited from their consumer's rights because it provides the manufacturers a list of conditions evaluating if the products can be considered as defective or lemon items.

Ensure warranty

Mechanical products such as boats and cars mostly have manufacturer's warranty. Lemon law is a consumer's right that would ensure the implementation of such warranty. A consumer can still be compensated even when his purchase does not have a manufacturer's warranty. However, the compensation is for the violation of the consumer protection laws. Manufacturer's warranty is applied when purchased mechanical items are known to be previously laundered, wrecked, stolen, rebuilt, reconditioned, and are products salvaged from calamities and natural disasters.

Provide solutions

Lemon law provide solutions for any purchased items that are defective.  In cases where mechanical items such as cars and computers happened to not function fully from a certain period when it was first purchased, this law would place a settlement solution for fixing or replacing such items. Manufacturer's would also provide a pay back for any proven lemon products. A Lemon buyback is also one solution that a manufacturer would do to abide the Lemon law statute. Lemon law cases are evaluated and assisted by Lemon law attorneys.  Before pursuing for Lemon law suit, most manufacturers would have to provide product repair and attempt settlements. Most products should undergo at least three attempts of repair before considering it as a defective or lemon item.

Before proceeding to a lemon suit case, the consumer should observe and prove that the purchased item is really defective. A consumer should not cause for the product to be defective. Instead, one should ensure that the defect or damage is a manufacturer's defect. It is also rightful to send the manufacturer a lemon suit notice before proceeding to filing a lemon law suit.

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