12 May 2007

2 Important Aspects of Birth Chart Signs that Help You Understand Your True Personality

The rising sign and sun sign in your birth chart, as well as the matching of both signs are three factors that strongly influence your personality.

The rising sign speaks of how people see you at first, while the sun sign conveys who you really are inside.  Both signs, when matched, are either compatible, clashing, or consistent. Both your rising and zodiac sun signs are equally powerful in determining what kind of person you are.  They do not compete each other in ruling your character as each sign distinctively determines your inner and outer personality.  It is important to learn about these two zodiac signs in your birth chart and how they relate to each other in order for you to truly understand you personality.

Understanding your rising sign

The rising sign or ascendant is the zodiac sign that is rising from the eastern horizon of your birth chart at the exact time and place of your birth.  It is the mask that you wear and is said to be the people’s first impression on you and the character that people initially see from you.  Your ascendant can sometimes speak of your physical appearance as it is mostly revealed by your gestures, facial expressions, mannerisms, and initial reactions.

Knowing your sun sign

The sun sign is the zodiac sign in your birth chart where the sun is located the moment you were born.  It can be determined using your exact date of birth.  The sun sign is said to speak of your innermost personality.  In contrary to your ascendant, this sign does not reflect how you appear to others, but rather how you really are deep down no matter what situation you are into and no matter where you are.  This is not your facade, but a true reflection of what your desires, goals in life, and real intentions are.

Matching both signs

Your rising and sun signs make up your unique personality when combined.  Except when born at exactly the same moment in time, people born on the same date may share the same inner characteristics with regards to sun sign, but the uniqueness of an individual’s personality comes in with the difference in their exact time of birth; thus a difference in their ascendant and on how they tend to react or behave to certain situations.  When the rising and sun signs combine, they either complement or clash each other, or are consistent with each other in forming your personality.

  • Complementing signs.  This happens when your rising sign or ascendant traits go well with your sun sign characteristics.  A good example is when you have an Aries sun sign and Sagittarius ascendant.  Your inherent attitude of being energetic, active, and enthusiastic is complemented by your Sagittarius ascendant traits with your love to explore different things and being full of adventure.

  • Clashing signs.  You may sometimes observe that how you react or behave is not what you really feel inside or does not really reflect your true intentions.  This is because your rising sign is not compatible with your sun sign.  If your inner character for example, is more of an energetic and outgoing type as with a Sagittarius sun sign, it will really clash with your initial attitude of being quiet and trying to study people first before you mingle with them as with a Cancer ascendant.

  • Consistent signs.  The same rising and sun signs result to a consistent personality.  You are really able to express what is truly inside you.  Your mannerisms, as well as your physical appearance, really reflect your innermost being.  For example, when you have an Aries ascendant, characterized as being direct and quick, it would make up a distinct and consistent personality with the energetic, active, and enthusiastic sun sign traits dominant in an Aries sun sign.  You tend to rush in making things done and you have a lot of energy and enthusiasm doing these things.

Knowing both your ascendant and sun signs can really help you understand your complete and true personality.  It can answer to some of your attitude questions like why at times you feel more like a Libran even if you have a Leo sun sign.  Sometimes you get really confused why you act differently than how you expect yourself to take action.  These concerns are all caused by your ascendant-sun sign relationship as these two are the driving forces that make up your true individuality.

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