17 May 2007

3 Simple Ways to Identify the Lords in Your Birth Chart to Understand Yourself Better

In Astrology, a lord is said to be the planet present in each of the twelve houses in your birth chart.  It is possible for a house to have more than one lord, but the planet closest to a house cusp will have a more significant influence in your life.  If there is no planet in a particular house, the lord is assumed to be the planet that rules the zodiac sign where the house cusp is positioned.

There are many aspects in your birth or astrology chart that influences your actions, reactions, behavior, experiences, and outlook in life.  Aside from planets that rule each of the Zodiac signs, it is also believed that lords of the houses play a very important role in understanding how you behave in a particular area of your life.  The lords in your houses are said to be the following:

Planet present in each of the twelve houses in your birth chart

The lord of an astrological house is essentially described as the planet located in that particular house.  The twelve houses in your birth chart represent different areas in your life.  For example, the first house corresponds to your outlook in life, such as how you see yourself, your principles and opinions in life, your motivations, and even your physical appearance.  The planets, on the other hand, are the forces and energies that act upon these houses.  For example, Mercury stands for your intellectual ability, especially with regards to communication.  If in your birth chart Mercury is in first house, then Mercury is the lord of this house.  Mercury’s energy is evident in this aspect of your life.  In this case, you tend to be witty and you are able to easily communicate your thoughts and opinions orally and in writing.

Planet closest to a house cusp

There may be instances when two planets are situated in one house.  In this case, these two planets will have influence in that particular aspect of your life.  However, the planet closest to the house cusp is considered to be the lord of that house, having more evident influence in your life than the other planet.  A house cusp is a line that divides two houses.  The cusp of the first house is the ascendant and the next cusp is for the second house, and so on, in a counter clockwise motion.

Planet that rules the zodiac sign where the house cusp is positioned

In the absence of a planet in any particular house of your birth chart, the lord of that house would be determined by finding out which Zodiac sign the house cusp is situated and what planet rules that particular sign.  If for example, your first house cusp is in Taurus, it would be safe to assume that the lord of your first house is Venus as it is the planetary ruler of the Taurus sign.  The influence and energies of Venus would be evident in your first house aspect.

It would be very helpful for you to know the lords in your birth chart so you can explain your past experiences and understand the nature of your being.  It is more important that you understand yourself first before you try uncover your fate in your birth chart.  After all, understanding your past and your present self is the best way to live a better tomorrow.

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