22 April 2007

Zodiac Signs that are Compatible with the Female Sagittarius

In general, Sagittarius is great listener; however, can be very confrontational when her right of expression is compromised. The zodiac signs that are compatible with the female Sagittarius are the following: Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

In order to tell what sign is most compatible with the female Sagittarius, we must know first what the general personality of Sagittarian. Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, which is known as the "wanderer" because of their love for adventures. The half-man, half-animal symbolizes their pursuit to freedom, as they want to be freed from being trapped in that imaginary body. They are known as imaginative and optimistic type of person. They just don't stay at one side without saying anything because they love to express whatever they feel. The truth is what they value most and they will do anything to stick to that. As much as they value truth, Sagittarians also want honor. With the big heart they have and their willingness to help, it is not impossible for others to appreciate their goodness. They are also willing to lend their ears to you whenever you needed them. Another strong trait of the sign is their being health and body conscious.

Like any other sign in the zodiac, Sagittarius has also its flaws especially when it comes to their love for expression. Because they are very insistent when it comes to their point of view, they tend to become very argumentative, over confident and difficult to deal with.

Based on how Sagittarians are described, it is found to be compatible with the following zodiac signs:


Couples whose signs are both Sagittarius make a very good match. Since they know each other's attitude, they go along well together. Respect will dominate in their relationship because they are both clear-thinkers.


Her intelligence is what captivates the Arian most. She can carry out a good conversation because of her broad imagination just like Aries.


Same with Sagittarius, Leo is also adventurous and loves outdoor activities. Because they share the same passion, they make a lovely and romantic couple.


The male Libra is charmed by the optimism displayed by the female Sagittarian. They create a good chemistry when it comes to doing things they find very encouraging.


The female Sagittarian loves freedom as much as the male Aquarian. Although they make a good pair, they still need space once in a while. Both find each other intellectually motivating.

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