21 April 2007

Zodiac Signs Attracted to a Female Sagittarius

The male Sagittarius, Aries, Leo, Aquarius and Libra are the zodiac signs that are attracted to a female Sagittarius.

Sagittarius, represented by an archer, is a fiery sign. That is why it is no surprise that females born under this sign have a strong personality in regards with justice, morality and even her energy and versatility. Sagittarian women are very independent and they love freedom. They are always ready to explore and meet new adventures. They love the outdoors, sport-related activities, and travelling. These females are highly spirited, lively and straightforward.

The Sagittarian females’ enthusiasm, energetic and outspoken personality may be intimidating to the males. But there are still men who love this type of women. Below are the male zodiac signs attracted to a female Sagittarius:


Under the same zodiac signs, a male and female Sagittarian make for a great match. A Male under this sign is quite attracted also to a Sagittarian female because she can keep up with his love of adventure and his enthusiastic personality.  Their sense of optimism, independence and open-minded attitude on life make them very compatible. With their union, they can reach new, exciting and great achievements.  A Sagittarian male also knows that a Sagittarian female understands and respects his own freedom as he does with hers. Together, they will have a long nurturing relationship.


The Aries man will be captivated with a Sagittarian female’s creativity as he captivates her with his intelligence. The man will be charmed that this female can keep up to his mental capability as the female can also stimulate intellectual conversations with him. They also both love adventure and exploring new places as well as entertaining new ideas. They are also both passionate thus they make great chemistry together.


A Leo man is as adventurous and as fun loving as a Sagittarius female and that’s what he likes about her. The male loves to share his excitement and fun with the female which she most definitely won’t say no. They will be very understanding to each other and they will be the most romantic match.


The Aquarian male loves freedom and independence just like the Sagittarius female and they are undoubtedly to love and cherish each other. Their lives will be fun and exciting especially when they have a common love for life.


The Sagittarius female’s motivating and encouraging nature is what captivated the Libra man. They too are compatible mentally and they love sharing humor and fun when they are with each other. That’s the very essence that strengthens their chemistry towards each other.

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