23 April 2007

Zodiac Signs Best Paired with an Aries

An Aries is best paired with a Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries, and an Aquarius.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is known for being fierce, spirited and dynamic. People born under this sign love challenges. They are independent for they are well motivated to fight to whatever trials they face in their lives. They are honest, are strong in leadership and are good in decision-making. They are straightforward, frank as well as dominating. They do not show sympathy and do not flatter others because they think these only make them weak.

Because of Aries’ fiery and impulsive characteristics, they seek a partner that will respect their appetite for independence and who can fill their need for adoration. An Aries also seeks a partner that will also enjoy his love for adventure and someone who will always keep him interested. With a blazing temper, Aries requires a partner who is patient and understanding. Below are zodiac signs that Aries is most compatible with:

Leo – Aries

Both as fire signs, Leo and Aries share the same goals and interest in life. They most likely have a good chance for a long and lasting relationship simply because they both have the excitement and romance to keep up their relationship. They both love adventures and they are full of passion. They deeply admire each other, keeping their love running. Leo’s creativity and faithfulness will also please Aries’ need for admiration and activity.

Sagittarius –Aries

The combination of these two signs can be dynamic and exciting. Both signs have limitless energy and they both love adventure. Sagittarius frankness is what Aries need to control his raging temper.  Sagittarius’ optimism will also add to Aries’ cheerful disposition.

Gemini – Aries

Gemini and Aries will share an optimism that will lead to an exciting and adventurous relationship. Gemini can easily adjust to Aries’ unpredictable personality. Mostly their relationship will be stuffed with spontaneity.

Aries – Aries

They make a good combination simply because they have the same characteristics. Their relationship may be a roller coaster sometimes because both of them have a domineering personality; but when problems are resolved, their relationship will be a happy one.

Aquarius – Aries

Aquarius provides Aries’ need for freedom and independence, and is very patient with Aries’ bossy nature. They both love to try out something new, thus, they will have so many adventures together. They both have the same vision for their future and they understand each other well. Aquarius’ intelligence and inventiveness will impress and inspire Aries.

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