24 April 2007

Compatible Zodiac Signs with Taurus

The zodiac signs compatible with Taurus are Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Virgo.

Just before anyone can tell what zodiac signs are compatible with a Taurus, one must first know what a Taurus is and what he wants. Taurus is a realistic and a prudent sign. People born under the Taurus sign are yearning for security and stability.  They want a home with a loving and supporting family. They are not promiscuous even with a strong sex drive. They expect their partners to be faithful. They are very devoted, thus unfaithfulness is unforgivable. In love, they hardly make the first move. They want to be wooed instead and don’t want a love that does not need to be worked too hard on. They don’t want to be pressured and rushed. They like things to be simple and direct. They love money, luxury and the pleasure of comfort.

Because of their nature, they must be matched with the signs that will give them stability, as well as with those signs that have the qualities they crave for. That gives them the appreciation of their devotion. Below are compatible zodiac signs for a Taurus.


A Taurean may work out well with another Taurean. They have the same goal. And, the same desire for money, luxury, comfort, stability and security, thus, they will achieve them when the two of them worked together. We may find them both in a stable and happy home life and fully satisfied with their sex life. The only problem they’ll experience is the tendency for their relationship to be static. Neither partner will try introducing something new.


A Cancer and a Taurus matches well. Cancers are very sensitive and caring. Cancer would be able to give the affection and loyalty a Taurus wants for a partner. Both signs also love money and security. Cancers may be sometimes moody and may be hurt with the Taurus’ straightforward manner. Its dependability is what Cancer loves.


A Libra is another sign that matches well with Taurus. Taurus likes Libra’s warm and romantic qualities. Both signs are sensual since they are both ruled by Venus. They both like pleasure.


Taurus and Virgo can make a good match. They both love home and the pursuit for knowledge. They don’t care being ‘wild and crazy’. Virgo, being naturally thrifty, likes Taurus because of his ability to keep track of their expenses.

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