25 April 2007

Steps in Making a Birth Chart

After learning about your horoscope, here are the steps to follow when making a birth chart namely: prepare necessary materials, put necessary labels, note all elements, points, and sign, look at each placement, observe for influential traits, see the trend and interpret.

To better understand birth charts, it is best to be able to try making it by yourself. However, before you can make a birth chart, the first thing you should do is to know your horoscope online. Plot the details in a birth chart by following few steps such as:

Prepare necessary materials

All you need are the basic materials like document sheet and a pen. This is for taking down notes.

Put necessary labels

Carefully divide the sheet equally and place headings like basic personality, health, family, relationship, career, talents, and strengths and weaknesses. All these details are essential in interpreting your personality as a whole.

Note all elements, points, and signs

Every single detail like the four elements, cardinal points, and the like should be carefully noted and evaluated. All should be present to come up with the most accurate reading.

Look at each placement

Consider the ascendants, descendants, mid heaven, and so on. Examine their placement and contribution since positioning is vital in determining the exact trait.

Observe for influential traits

The most influential trait will constantly crop up in the chart. It is not unusual to have two or more areas of emphasis. If a specific trait frequently emerges, that is the dominant personality in you. Do not forget to pay attention to those areas.

See the trend and interpret

Once you are done establishing the trend, you are now ready to interpret the natal chart. Make sure that you have an average number of pages for your reading, which is ideally from 5 - 10 only. A lengthy report would sometimes lead to redundancy and boredom. To give it a more professional look, have it printed in large document sheet.

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