26 April 2007

Meaning of 5 Planets in Birth Charts That are in Retrograde

Planets that are in retrograde would mean 5 things:  certain areas in your life  need more attention, you should be aware of the principles in life and avoid getting lost,  you should not rush when making a decision, you are to expect and acknowledge intense energy,  you are to look at life in a different perspective, as well as internalize and absorb things, and lastly, you should consider this as a natural and universal phenomenon.

Regardless of the number of planets that are in retrograde, it generally means the planet is moving backwards instead of the normal forward transition. Although, this is not a real backward transition instead it is due to the optical illusion assumed by the planets. A retrograde planet implies several messages in life and is a useful tool in counteracting crisis in the future. When you have a retrograde planet, this means that the planet is seemed to be moving backwards. However, this is only an illusion due to the spherical orientation of the planets' paths.

The retrograde motion of the planets implies several messages such as:

Certain areas in life need more attention

Since retrograde is associated with life's difficulties and struggles, this indicates that certain areas in your life need to have extra attention and focus. This helps provide options and possibilities that would be of help in averting crisis in life.

Be aware of the principles in life and avoid getting lost

Whatever may happen, always stand by your principles. Do not allow yourself to be swallowed by false beliefs and assumptions in life.

Do not rush when making decision

At all times, decisions must always be taken seriously by thinking thrice or more before arriving at a final decision. Being impulsive should be avoided because you can never turn back time once it has passed.

Expect and acknowledge intense energy

Sometimes, it is not unusual to have some intense energy in life. This is due to the intrinsic energies that have been the source of strengths of a retrograde planet.

Look at life in a different perspective

Instead of getting disappointed on the things that are happening; try to look at things on a different point of view. Things happen because they have purpose. Discouragement should not be entertained, instead consider this as a challenge to overcome future conflicts.

Internalize and absorb things

Take some time alone to reflect on things before making decisions. Internalization will help you understand things better without the feeling of disappointment.

Consider this a natural and universal phenomenon

Do not be afraid about retrograde planets in your birth chart, since this is a phenomenon, which is applicable to all. Other people may also experience the same thing; therefore, should not a source of discouragement.

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