27 April 2007

Importance of Jupiter in a Birth Chart

In a person's birth chart, Jupiter has a great significance in different aspects in life namely: thinking person's planet, drive for insights, potential for expansion, good fortune, and a significant indicator.

Jupiter, as the largest planet in the solar system is also known as the "greater fortune". It symbolizes a good purposes, high aspirations, and freedom that can bring happiness. Below are some of the aspects where Jupiter plays a great significance:

Thinking person's planet

According to astrology.com, Jupiter is the "thinking person's planet" that explores on religion and intellect.

Drive for insights

Jupiter is found to have a strong influence on all the noble things in life. It generates a grand pursuit for strength, which is geared towards faith.

Potential for expansion

As Jupiter is also known as the "planet of expansion", it is the best path to take towards ultimate fulfillment. One may experience to travel in other places, accumulation of wealth, learn new things, and enjoy challenges in life. As it transits in the sky, providence is always on its way.

Good fortune

When Jupiter orbits in your natal chart, it symbolizes luck and abundance in life. You need to take advantage whenever a chance comes your way.

Significant indicator

Since it symbolizes everything that has something to do with abundance.

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