15 May 2011

My Experience with SONY Cyber Shot

Everyone has their very own experiences. The experience could be your happy moment, or sad moment, or even crazy moment. All of them can be saved by capturing still images using a camera. It doesn't matter how expensive the camera that we use, as long as we have treasured the captured moment. How do I have the best ever experience together with friends and family? Let's find out.

This is by far most interesting experience that I have gone through. Here I am about to reveal my happiest and craziest experience together with my friends.

Erik's Birthday Party on September 2010
Erik is handsome ya! xD

That time was September the 2nd, my 4 friends and I celebrated his birthday at my previous hostel, which is 5 minutes walk from college. We have prepared steamboat meal for our dinner. Believe it or not, the steamboat meal was very simple compared to normal steamboat restaurant.

Menu: Burger patties, maggi mee, sausages, vegetables and my favourite enokitake mushroom

Before birthday cake celebration:

Enjoying while chatting

Gabriel and Foong

Andy and the birthday boy

Playing a game with Thai Song with Sprite, which who loses will drink a cup of mixed beverages. Ain't cool isn't it?

What is he doing with his sausage blowing under the air-cond?

Now here comes the most interesting part of his birthday moment! Click on this video to check it out! 

Anyway, hopefully next semester will be more relaxing one. I wish I wouldn't want to see my results when it reaches my house. I'm pretty scared right now. I hope this moment would never be forgotten among our friends here. I wouldn't be much be happier without them around.

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