16 May 2011

April's Life: The Story

This month of April has come to an end. What can I say about my life during the month of April? Well, I just knew that I left something valuable to me, my bloggie has been abandoned for days, which is why my updates are from frequent to less frequent due to my busy schedule. So far my life is all about study, study, and study. One less lonely boy to spend time hanging out with friends, as most of the time has been spent on assignments and test.

I'm not just saying that I can hang out everyday, no! I have been stressed out from solving my assignments to revising my test. From day to night, I can't get enough sleep, even after few hours of my nap time I still can feel tiredness during work time. Oh dear. Initially I thought that my life as a student had changed drastically from time to time, and now I am going to enter the era of Final Year Project in which I will be starting in the next semester.

So how am I going to cope for another half a year to go to complete my diploma? Well, I dare not tell how am I going to face when the time comes, but I have to be prepared for it no matter what happens. This is the true obstacle in my diploma study life before achieving success. High hopes on my final two semesters to come.

Finally, I can relax myself during this semester break. The only thing I have to worry now is about modern control system subject, which is the toughest one in my final paper. Seriously I could only manage to answer with some equations without answers. I couldn't find any solutions for that as the time is ticking fast, and I got myself panicked all the time. I could see myself emo plus moody condition after I think about my future during the exam.

Well, what to do? The exam has passed. I shall not worry about the past anymore. There's still more to come, so we just gotta move forward. By the way, I have lot's of event photos that I haven't share with you guys yet. So in the meantime, I will update it once I reach my hometown if I have the time. If not then I will be updating again during the new semester within the next 2 weeks. Happy holidays to everyone! Keep in touch ya! Don't forget to subscribe to my blog ok?

*p/s: New video from Lye Low Productions coming up shortly! Stay tuned for my next update!

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