27 May 2011

Behind The Story - Asian Scene: Love Scenes

During my videoshoot, I am delighted that our production team have created another amazing moments together with the crew and also the casts. I gotta say this is my second time creating this video, and it is amazingly better than the previous one. Everything was well planned, although we still get some technical issue regarding the casts. Somehow we managed to get it done pretty soon than we expected.

Photo credit to Ian

On our first day, the production team together with the cast went to Straits Quay to shoot some scenes there. Once we reached there at around 2.45pm, the casts were getting ready to prepare their clothing for the shoot. But then a male cast took very long time to prepare, and yet he delayed our shooting time. Gosh! My partner says he is always like that. I don't think he needs to take longer time making up himself than girls do. *eyes rolling...*

Photo credit to Ian

First day of shooting went pretty well, but then suddenly things had to be changed. The male cast keep laughing all the time, and his face not that serious enough to act for the scene. The girl is pretty amazing, judging by her natural looks, maybe she can be the next star actress in the future. Due to the guy's problem, the director had forced to cancel the whole scene. Since this had happened, I gotta say about a friend of mine here, whom I have invited for shooting the minor scene. She had no chance to act at all. I feel pretty sorry about her waiting for long for her turn and I apologised to her as well. Hopefully she would understand what I am doing is really genuine. I'm being honest to ask for someone to come forward to join us, not asking someone out just for fun. Well, I hope she will give me another chance for the next videoshoot.

The production crew (Photo credit to Ian)

2nd day of the shoot, before we came to Straits Quay again, we prepared another script overnight. This time the plan worked well. As a videographer, I sometimes quite want to change the angles of the shoot. There are plenty of angles to choose from, not just only one particular angles. It doesn't really matter what kind of angles you want, but it does matter how you produce quality videos from that angle itself. Somehow I still prefer to get nice and extraordinary angles for the video, next time I gotta plan on camera angle in detail.

On the shooting mode... (Photo credit to Ian)

At the end of the shooting, for me that was the best day to get tired after shooting. Yes, I'm exhausted and I get to fall asleep easily too. After learning so much about videography skills, it's time for me to put my skills to the test on my next video assignment soon next month. The details on videoshoot is still unknown. I admit that I now love taking videos, passionate one. Now I feel that currently taking an engineering subject is pretty boring, but I still gotta end my diploma soon by the end of the year. Fight for success yo! :)

The awesome duo (Photo credit to Ian)

A portrait photo of myself (Photo credit to Ian)

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