18 May 2011

Asian Drama: Love Scenes

This is our new shorts made by Lye Low Productions entitled Asian Drama: Love Scenes.

How does love scenes in Asian Dramas differ from what we face in our real love lives?

All of these shots are made in full HD recording. I was pretty impressed with the quality of this video because this was my first recording with DSLR after I used my dad's 9-year-old Sony Handycam. Although I still like the old one which has nice white balance and great colour, this can only record in SD, also I still can't find any ways to transfer video files until now. Nowdays video recording has entered HD era, so the old technology has to go and we have to move on.

FYI, all these shots were made at only one location, Straits Quay.
We managed to shoot within two days during weekends.
Editing process takes much longer time as we don't afford to have high end computers like iMac. We only use normal PC with slower GPU for editing, for this we would invest for upgrading PC in the future.

Special thanks to our casts for helping us out on our video, there's more to come!
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