20 January 2011

My Future DSLR + New Videoshoot

Phew~~ after months of editing, finally me myself and my friends from Lye Low Productions have created a stunning music video and has been uploaded to YouTube! I would like to congratulate everyone on their hard work and I appreciate every moment working with you guys. After receiving comments from everyone, especially you guys who have watched our videos, I would like to thank everyone for commenting on our video and we hope to improve our standards to make our videos rich of quality and worth watching. :)

From our experience during our first music video editing, all we can say that this was not so easy as we thought. We have gone through numerous scene editing and cutting, and finally we produced a final version of music video. No doubt we have gone through lots of hard work and creativity on making this video, but we still need to keep on improving ourselves so that our videos can match with other interesting and competitive videomakers worldwide.

By the way, in our next video, we would like to use at least a DSLR camera for high definition video. In this case, we still need to find a way to get some help from friends or any people that can give us some support of working on our video projects. We are expecting to start our shoot around middle of February and the shooting venue is yet to be known. So to all my fans of SonnyKazu, I really need your support!

My future DSLR!

Nowdays the movie making scene in Malaysia is getting more and more popular and we hope to successfully bring Youtube partnership to Malaysia. Our journey starts here...

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