11 October 2010

Blunderous Supermarket Sales!

How often do you go to supermarket to shop for everyday supplies or some stuffs? Normally, most of the people should know exactly where, what and when to buy items that needed the most. This post that I am about to show you here is not your ordinary shopping moment and you may not seen anything like this before.

Check out this durian flesh which selling at rambutan's price. I was able to afford all of the yellow rambutans if this 'special kind of sales' keeps the same price. *drools when looking at the durian flesh*

Yellow rambutans, anyone?

Another pictures shows that a bottle of "Marigold Kopi & Teh Tarik" cooking oil costs only RM1.99. OMG! A big discount as previously was around RM10+. By the way, I didn't noticed the Marigold thingy was placed at the bottom of the rack. This what I saw in Sunshine Lip Sin together with my friends. Even if I buy this, then what should I do with that? One of the idea that I can think about is... explode the oil! That should be my very own experiment on "Will the cooking oil explode?". Some of you may have watched the Mythbusters episode, and I am about to clarify my own myth on cooking oil. My guess should be plausible. Hehe!

Come! Come! Buy your cooking oil for just RM2~~! 

The awesome part is, when me and my friends were visiting Tesco Extra at Sg. Dua, I was shocked to see there's a McD plastic cup and a pamelo on the egg's rack section. There must be some kind of people who were lazy to dispense away and placing back into the original place respectively. All these kind of peoples here... I have nothing much to say about them. Speechless!

Why not I can take a pamelo and a plastic cup, combine together and bring them up on sale for just RM6.79? Yes! A perfect combo for those who wish to have happy hour "pamelo set" plus a tray of eggs that you can enjoy to the max!

McD plastic cup and a pamelo for RM6.79?

If these are not enough to make you disappointed, then how about this one? A little potato! Too freaking small dude! However, we have to respect our farmers' hard work for planting vegetables for us to eat and live. Appreciate it! Size does not matter actually, but we still can survive if we cook and eat this baby potatoes. Yummy! :D

Baby potatoes are cute! Teehee~~~!

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