30 August 2010

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng visits INTI College

Last Monday was my greatest moment ever when I get to see Mr. Lim Guan Eng visiting my college. From watching news on TV becomes reality, this man is the current Chief Minister (CM) of Penang. I rarely got a chance to see a 'celebrity' like him anywhere but just within the island.

That day was the official launching of part time Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree course and also Tan Yew Sing Bursary 2010 which offers 25% course fee waiver who registers for this September 2010 intake. Of course this scholarship comes with terms and conditions. INTI has proudly invited Guan Eng as our honorable guest for the launching, along with other guests. Here is the proof that I have the photo of him visiting my college. Hehehe!!!

Too bad my camera shots are quite blurry when taken from afar. If I could get my own DSLR, I will surely have a large portrait photo of him. When Guan Eng was invited for a speech, he says, "In Penang, we are short of engineers. So if you want to find job then Penang is the place for you. You do not need to go down to KL. If you still can't find any job in Penang, please do not hesitate to come and find me and I will help you until you get a place to work." The crowd roars with their hands clapped. Wao!! In my opinion, whether or not he could fulfill his promise to the rakyat, but he might be busy doing other important things too. Juggling here and there as a CM for me is quite a headache, but I will make sure the rakyat will stay peacefully and do not makes things worse. I hope that he can do it though.

Guan Eng giving his speech

Launching in... 3, 2, 1...

His speech has made me look up on him. I really don't know why I felt that way, probably I was being influenced by him or something. Nahh... by the way after the launching, he went for some tea break and then rushed to other places. Interestingly, his driver has broken the rules by turning right as the signboard shows right turn is prohibited. Well, that really doesn't matter to me because I have done it quite frequently.

I'm ok to work in Penang, however now I am started to think where should I continue my degree studies. Any opinions or suggestions here, please do not hesitate to give me some comments. I am trying my best to go for a better university with quality education and affordable course fee. Here I would like to take a break and chill out on Merdeka Day! Take care everyone! Logging out...
Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

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