22 August 2010

OH Penang and Money!

Penang, the one of the famous tourist attraction in Malaysia. OMG! I like this place a lot, and this is by far more better than my hometown of course. Since I started studying there, I have getting used to visit some interesting places, first and foremost obviously is the shopping malls like Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall. Until now, I have been there quite frequently, not every day. Before both the shopping malls are built, I have visited the old shopping complex in my younger times with my family. Midlands One Stop, Komtar and Bukit Jambul Complex are the ones came before the modern shopping complexes.

Every one in Penang should have known that Bukit Jambul complex previously has ice skating ring. During that time, I was really interested on skating, but my mum doesn't let me play. Sad case lor! Presently, the ice skating ring has forever missing from my sight. I feel that the complex has taken away something that has left our memories there. Why shouldn't they bring back just like before?

If not wandering around for stuffs in shopping complexes, then me and my friends will go searching for nice foods around, but sadly until now we haven't found any place that have good food and cheap price. Most of our time we can think was, "Let's go Kayu Nasi Kandar!" This was horrible that my own pocket money keep flying away quite fast. However, if someone proposes to go further a bit, lets say Greenlane, someone here insists not wanting to go with his 'excuses': "See... I was trying to save petrol!" Okay I get what you mean, but saving is much harder than spending. I wonder when the money will flown to me, hmmm.... I hope the black clouds turn the rain into money. xDD

As I go wandering around looking at the shops, I saw this amazingly high quality electronics which was quite attractive... but amazingly not attractive enough for the price. Tsk tsk! :-(

How about this car? I wished I could drive my own to college, but sadly I am only able to walk to college every day. I guess I won't be complaining or nagging about it, my future is bright ahead. Soon enough, that car will be mine anytime! Whee~~~!

If you're quite thirsty enough to get what you want, you may considering enjoying this wonderful chendol from Penang Road. By the way, this is by far the cheapest thing to have other than LED TV and a sports car. You can 'temporarily' forget about them anyway, because a bowl of chendol is more worthy to enjoy til the max! I really like to have 2 bowls of chendol next time.

Ok... enough of 'crap' talking! The next update will be made history, as I am going to give you... a small but huge suspends story! Want to know more? Just simply follow me on Twitter anytime.

I'm now taking this road... to get some SLEEP! Hello bed... Nite nite! Signing outta here......

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