08 April 2010

Preview: Ipoh One Day Trip

This Saturday, I will be going to Ipoh for a one day trip together with my friends, including Andy. I don't know exactly what's the plan of our journey yet, but he will be my tour guide in Ipoh town. He will be taking us around somewhere fun. I have been there several times, but seems like the only main attraction for me is the Lost World Of Tambun. It's already been long time after I last went together with my family. But I got no swimming pants, then how? Hmm... I suggest that I am going for a swim only with my underwear. *So that I can lure some attention from the girls. xD*

This trip is probably going to be a long and fun trip. I will definitely looking forward to it. I can't wait to go out and enjoy myself with a yummy plate of Ipoh Char Hor Fun. And also not to forget to bring home "Yim Kok Kai" (aka Salted Chicken). I'm kinda excited about this since my friends suggested to me about this trip. Yeah!

Our first stop is going to be Methodist Girls' School (MGS), Ipoh which will be holding a Pesta Ria on that day. Btw, I am shocked when Andy told me he wants to go MGS first. Why? There might be something in his mind that makes me wonder. His purpose of going there is to observe girls, not the Pesta Ria. Yeah, I guessed it. *Sweat! =.=|||*

He bought me RM20 coupon to be used for Pesta Ria, and I have one in my hands now. Haha! And pssst... I'm going to meet girls soon. *pervert-looking face* All right! But I guess I was born not popular enough to become their "fan".

The next stop continues...


  1. oh pesta ria in MGS? lol.. the last one i went was like in.. 2004? lol

  2. @kenwooi: Yes... my first time going to MGS. Haha! I'm just dun wan to be stalked by girls. xD

  3. 在莫非定律中有項笨蛋定律:「一個組織中的笨蛋,恆大於等於三分之二。」..................................................

  4. lol... Thank you for the pesta ria coupons! LOL.. Thanks to you and I got free coupons to spend. LOL.. Ehem.. the salted chicken.. LOL... how many you brought? Next time come Ipoh I jadi your tour guide la.. LOL.. bring you go jalan jalan, cari makan. .HAHA!!

  5. HAHA!! Blame him then..HAHA!! But It was really bored.. LOL... When coming again? LOL