09 April 2010

Excuse Me? Why I Don't Get RM20?

Just now, I opened my e-mail, checking out my inbox, and then found a title name "Project Alpha - Instant Cash Blogging Week 3". *I don't write on Week 3, I just started on Week 4*

I was surprised to found out that I was the "lucky" person who do not get RM20 because of the reasons they give:

Take note that the main message they wrote is for my Week 5: I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star

Why? I had fullfilled your requirements and still I don't get it? That means reason number 1 is not the answer. It could be the reason number 2.

I don't understand... That does not make any sense to me. OMG! Help me find out what had happened to my post mentioned above.


  1. Maybe it was a mistake?

  2. mine too, was rejected :( dont know why..
    and for week4, I forgot to submit the permalink =.= silly me!

    btw arrived from innit :)
    come check mine too ^_^