01 April 2010

My Unforgettable Birthday Party @ Rainbow's

March 28, is the date that I had celebrated my 19th birthday together with my few friends from college at Rainbow Cafe, Penang. I had successfully organised a small party there. This was a great party together with college friends since my last party 6 years ago. I have invited some of my ex-classmate friends, however they can't attend due to some kind of reasons. Anyway, I had my wonderful night of birthday celebration. On my Facebook page, I had received a lot of birthday wishes too. Thanks by the way!

First up, let's meet my friends whom I have invited for my birthday party. Only 4 came over. I would like to introduce to you my classmates. They are:

Frederick a.k.a "Fat Dick"
Navin "I can't see you!" :P
Andy "Pssst! Someone beside me says you are just like a samseng."
and Gabriel "He's Loud!"
Amazing lah! But this year's party is not so crowded as my previous ones. A small party is easy to handle than a huge party which costs a lot to prepare. These 4 people are all willing to come over my party just to celebrate my birthday together. Wow! That's was really touching! I wish this memory could last forever, and I would love to continue to hold parties like this. No doubt I will do it!

 SonnyKazu * Gabriel * Andy * Navin * Fred (-.-)

The party started at 7.30pm, first serving a light snacks of French Fries and nuggets.

Then we had a little chit chat together while waiting the main dishes to be served.

"Ding!" Our first dish is out.

Roast Chicken

The second dish is the home made Fish N Chips. Already had our fries as our snacks before the first dish came out.

Fish N Chips

Third dish - Nicely cooked pepper ostrich. Looks yummy!

Pepper Ostrich

Last but not least, the delicious Carbonara Chicken! Love it very much!

Carbonara Chicken
And let's not forget my specially made "Rainbow Lava" dessert cake! OMG! 1kg of cake that makes my mouth waters, but too bad my stomach is full, I have enough filling my own stomach already. "Burp! Excuse me..." xD
1kg of Rainbow Lava with the smaller original size cake.

Let the blowing begins!

 I wish... I can get a... Shhh! *secret-lah!*

The moment of truth - Inside the cake contains a bomb! Yes! It is actually a molten chocolate hidden inside.

Take a nice and closer look! WOW!

 Checking out on the net...

Yo! My name is Fred! >.<
I was surprised to get a birthday present from them, thank you Fred for giving me an "ang pow", but I feel a bit weird. Why? Well, I thought his CNY celebration never stops. Maybe I guess I'll accept it. And lastly, the other 3 guys bought me a unique and ideal gift which is popular among the youths today. By that time Andy is digging something from the pocket, and I am sure he will give me something cool. Wait a minute. That present he is going to give doesn't seems to be cool. I made a wild guessing and he laughs. He took out from his pocket and... "jeng jeng!" *I see Durex brand name! WTF!!!*
Why this arr? The reason they give me so that they want me to find a GF as soon as possible, but how soon? One of them said tomorrow sure can find one already. LMAO! I'm single but maybe still available. I tell them to take it back and use it wisely, but they told me to keep it. If I let my parents see this, I will be "killed" by them! Haha! Probably not since I am already grew up.
Well that's my one of the best memories ever. Thank you guys for having a great time joining my party. Your comments about the food is really great to hear, and I would also like to thank Rainbow Cafe for their nice food and also my dad too. I'm sure he's the one who helps me paying the bills for my party! Muahaha! *evil laugh*

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