02 April 2010

3 Rational Purposes of Having a PCI Compliance Fee

The reasons of the existence of a PCI Compliance Fee are safety, convenience and defense.

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. Its compliance fee is compensated by the holder of the merchant account and this is paid to his provider. This is done in submission for all the norms and security of the credit card account data of the customers. Its main use is to safeguard the customers or clients from online hackers hence, resulting to a well-guarded storage of information and data. A merchant account with no PCI fee is fortunate enough to benefit from these following purposes and he is also free from further monetary responsibilities and has a better cash flow.


One problem in the e-commerce industry is the rampant fraudulent practices in producing credit cards. This brings companies and providers of credit cards to thinking of better ways of a safer and more reliable means of credit card payments. What they came up with are the setting up of an encryption program that turns computer data and messages into an incomprehensible format that only the holder of the account can reconvert them into its correct form. Another is the firewall which is a computer software that serves as a barrier that walls out unauthorized access to your system software or data. Companies and providers are also adding a protection program that is tap-free and also hacker-free. This is one of the reasons why there is a PCI DSS meaning Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard which extends a helping hand to merchants in saving their customer’s credit card information from unauthorized persons to breach sensitive info in the system.


Current industry gives a choice to customers to either pay using cash and line up on a store or compensate for purchased goods through credit card transactions without needing your physical presence. Now, in the rapid pace of the modern world, customers would rather prefer the second choice. PCI DSS allows this means of payment that not only brings convenience to both the merchant and the customer but in doing so, keeping a safeguarded transaction. This kind of transaction keeps the customer’s money safely in the bank and at the same time, they can pay authorized charges by the provider of your merchant account.


The safe and well-maintained processing of PCI protects the merchant and his customer in every business transaction. Authorized deals that go through terminals or payment gateways are more safeguarded and merchants can definitely feel confident in every transaction made. With the encryption software attached to every system, vital data will be kept away from hackers and when the credit card information is concealed, nothing bad will happen to your merchant account.

For sure, after knowing the purposes of the PCI Compliance Fee, you won’t mind paying a few extra bucks because this will bring you great results to your business.

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