18 March 2010

My Current Nuffnang Earnings

Just a little update on my earnings...

And that's what all I have until now. I had lots of thinking about what I wanted to buy with my own money. A PlayStation 3 with large LCD TV screen perhaps? Or a 2nd hand car? Or a brand new handphone with 3G?

With this RM10 note, of course I can't buy such "nice and wonderful" items yet. Well, I had done quite a lot of work calculating how much that I had spent over the weeks. Wherever I spent for college, food and drinks, electrical components, and etc, I still have to pay for it. I did not know how much money I left for now but I had felt that my money has flown out a lot from my pocket quite fast. I'm quite a big spender for some time.

If my dad were to give me any kind of car, I would appreciate it since it was just a car for transportation. You can't just simply urging for a better car as they were too expensive to afford. I do not born rich anyway. Even I have a lot of money, I will still keep and buy something that is only necessary for my own. I can even help out for my family with the money too. Yeah, to be honest, am I cute? Awww.... :-) 

By the way, I wish to know what is your opinion if I were you. Money matters the most for everyone, not only just me. Everyone wish to be a millionaire, but only few made it. I can just say good luck to everyone and keep working hard to achieve the impossible dream of their own. Oh well! May your wishes come true!

Before the end... my earnings until now after 3 months since December 2009. Not bad though. Keep blogging!

p/s: Love Nuffnang too...! :-)


  1. it is already much more better than mine after 3 months!

  2. @kenwooi: Thanks!
    @Munn: Really? Then you shall work harder on your blog. :-)

  3. better than never.. slow and steady bro..

  4. Not bad at all bro. Keep going! :D

  5. @Hafiz @Tekkaus: Thank you for your support guys! :-)

  6. When ur traffic is low, Adsense will give u more return (after conversion to RM).

    When ur traffic is high, Innity will give u much more return.

  7. What about your paypal ad?

  8. 3 months and u get RM10? that's good. I've been blogging for 2 years now and only 80+. LOL (RM40 for instant cash blogging project alpha lately)

  9. keep it up!

    mine has basically been stagnant at RM80 for months now...

  10. woohoo~ I wish I can cash out my earnings soon...

  11. @The 8th Voyager: Thanks for your advice... :-)

    @Thomas: My paypal ads? Hmm... I guess no one wishes to donate for me. :-)

    @Catherine: Thanks. Your earnings is quite ok also lar, but for your instant cash blogging helps you boost your earnings a bit. Btw keep blogging ya!

    @ihsan: Thanks. Keep it up bro!

    @Cassie: Good luck and keep blogging! :-)