05 March 2010

7 Necessary Features of a Kitchen Design for a Great Cooking Experience

Cooking has to be convenient and fun at the same time.  A great kitchen design features ample workspace; convenient layout; appropriate cabinetry and counter tops; efficient appliances; substantial lighting; safe and clean flooring; and proper ventilation.

A great kitchen varies from one household to another as different households have different kitchen needs and sizes.  There are standards, though, that help you decide on your kitchen details to come up with the most convenient and multi-functional kitchen for your home.  Here are the best features a kitchen design must have to make cooking a convenient and fun experience for you and your family:

Ample workspace

Kitchens do not need to be spacious; however, they must have enough room for you to roam around and do your chores.  Arrange movable appliances in such a way that they do not get in your way when doing daily kitchen routine.  There must ample workspace for your cooking and food preparation needs for you and your family.  There are a lot of remodeling contractors in your area that can help you design your kitchen. Delaware kitchen remodeling contractors, for example, can help you utilize every inch of your kitchen space.

Convenient layout

When you think of a great kitchen, what comes into your mind is something that is convenient, organized, and even stylish.  Choose a layout that is perfect for your needs and pleasing to your senses.  Put into mind the appliances and utensils you have, the drawers and cabinets you need, as well as your breakfast nook.  If you have a big kitchen space, consider putting an island to save yourself from crossing one side to another.  It also gives you more space for storing your utensils and your goods, as well as more seating space.  Furthermore, think of where and how to conveniently put your cook top, your exhaust system, your faucet, and everything else you need.

Appropriate cabinetry and counter tops

Along with planning for the layout of your  kitchen, think of the cabinets and drawers you will need for all your kitchen stuff.  Do you want to display your utensils and gadgets or do you want them kept in drawers?  Would you consider a solid wood for your cabinets where you stock your formal party plates and glasses or would you go for glass cabinets?  Not only will you need to regard the style of your fixtures, but the also how many of them you're going to need.  Consider also the type of counter tops you're going to use on different areas of your kitchen.

Efficient appliances

How do you want to work in a kitchen with lots of appliances, cluttered everywhere, consuming a lot of your time and energy cooking?  Modern kitchen designs, feature multi-function appliances that  help you save not only space for your kitchen, but also energy and time.  Get rid of those outdated appliances that do not cooperate with your electric bills and leave you behind the fast-paced trend.  Find appliances that are also user and environment-friendly, as well as those that are safer to use and easier to clean and maintain.

Substantial lighting

There are three types of lighting you need to consider to make your kitchen more efficient and elegant.  These are overall lighting for ease in overall food preparation routine, task lighting for specific tasks like cook top lighting , and ambient lighting for a cozy kitchen feel.  Make sure your kitchen is well-lit to make cooking easier and more convenient for you.

Safe and clean flooring

Kitchen floors have to be slip-resistant to avoid accident when preparing food.  Put non-slip rugs on areas that are prone to water and other spills, such as near faucets, refrigerators, and dishwashers.  Choose flooring that is easy to clean and maintain and one that will last long.

Proper ventilation

A great kitchen finally possesses good ventilation system, from kitchen windows to exhausts systems.  Make sure your kitchen does not suffocate you and does not cook your sweat out while preparing your meals.  Check out modern exhaust systems for different kitchen designs, including downdraft exhaust system that can be placed in your kitchen island with your cook top for a more pleasant-looking and efficient kitchen.

Your kitchen design need not be state-of-the art and outright expensive.  What is important is that all the important features should not be left out to make cooking more convenient for you.  Be aware of your specific needs so as to choose the right kitchen details.  Do not let those alluring designs in magazines and on the Internet dictate your design, but rather let your instincts work for a guaranteed great cooking experience.

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