06 March 2010

6 Helpful Steps in Hiring the Right Contractor to Remodel Your Kitchen

Hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor is not an easy task.  To find the right one, you need to ask for recommendations from people you trust; do a little research; interview some contractors and observe; look into finished projects; ask for estimates; and make sure everything is in writing.

You don't get to remodel your kitchen every now and then, so you don't really know which contractor to trust and hire.  With the help of some sources and some tips, choosing a kitchen remodeler can be made easier. Here are some steps that will guide you in hiring the right contractor to remodel your kitchen:

Ask for recommendations from people you trust

The best way to start looking for kitchen remodeling contractors is to ask recommendations from your family, friends, and neighbors who have had experience with such contractors.  This will help you find out about contractors' performance and reputation.  Know if the work was finished on time and within budget.  Find out about problems that unexpectedly came up and how they were able to resolve it.  Ask other questions that matter to you, including the crew working inside your house and many more.

Do a little research

Back the information you got from your sources and try to call Better Business Bureau for complaints and browse over online client reviews.  Check on their websites for certifications, accreditation, and even licenses to make sure they are legally operating.  Note their email address and their contact numbers and try contacting them.

Interview some contractors and observe

Looking for the right kitchen remodeler entails interviewing at least three possible contractors.  Make sure you narrow down your list of contractors to avoid confusion.  Choose those that are highly recommended, those with good reviews, and those with lesser or no complaints recorded at the Better Business Bureau.  You can ask your queries personally in their office, over the phone, or thru their website.  Inquire about their working hours, their payment scheme, as well as company details like the number of years they have been in business.  Try to ask if you can check out a current project they are working on.  Aside from interviewing prospects, observe how they answer your questions.  Are they professional enough when entertaining you?  Did they really answer your questions?  Were they hesitant with other issues your brought up?  These are just some of the gauges you need to look into when choosing the right kitchen remodeling contractor.

Look into finished projects

It is equally important that you also look into the finished projects of your prospects to help you ensure the quality of their work, as well as adherence to time frame.  Make sure you call the homeowner first before checking out their place.  Ask the owner some questions that will help you make your decision.  However, you need to limit your questions, especially that you are stranger to the homeowner.

Ask for estimates

The next step to interviewing your prospects and looking into current and finished projects would be to ask for estimates.  If there are some contractors in your previous list that you find incompetent, then there's no need to ask estimates from them.  This step includes inquiring about cost of materials, labor, and time to finish their project.  Make sure they do not charge you for going to your place for estimates.  Furthermore, do not forget to ask about certain miscellaneous expenses and see to it that they are able to explain the details.

Make sure everything is in writing

Once you have chosen your kitchen remodeling contractor and you have already made agreements with them, make sure they put everything in writing.  This will help you ensure everything turns out right and that you are protected every step of the way.  Check on important details such as the amounts due to them, the payment scheme, the time frame, their work hours, the number of people in their crew, as well as a certain guarantee for their work whenever a problem turns out when the project has ended.

When choosing the right kitchen remodeling contractor, be sure to follow the said steps to ensure the quality of your new kitchen as well as a hassle and worry-free renovation.  Never risk the chance of being deceived with your money going to waste and your dream kitchen ending up to nothing.

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