11 March 2010

6 Essential Matters to Consider when Buying Prefabricated Garage Kits

When buying prefabricated  garage kits, you need to estimate the size of garage you need and its location; consider how you will use your garage; find one that is easy to install; consider the materials and details you want; mind your budget; and choose the right manufacturer and shop where you will buy your garage set from.

Prefabricated garage kits are ready-to-install garage sets, which are very economical and very practical compared with custom-made garages.  Buying one can be very difficult, considering the many variations in sizes, materials, specifications, and prices.  In order to get the best one for all your garage needs, consider the following factors:

Estimate the size of garage you need and its location

prefabricated garage kits are available in many different sizes.  Look for one that has the right size you need for the vehicle or items you will store.  Plan about the cabinets and drawers you might want to put inside, taking up some space.  Furthermore, think of the location where you will install your garage.  Are there trees whose branches go over your garage site?  If so, maybe you can look for a garage with a pointed top or a not very high ceiling.  Also, ask if your garage will be connected to your house or will it be separated in your backyard?  These things matter as certain types of prefabricated garage kits are very difficult to connect with your house.

Consider how you will use your garage

Next, you need to take into consideration what vehicle you will store in your garage.  Will it be a speedboat, a truck, an SUV, or a sedan?  It will help you identify the dimensions you will need for your prefabricated garage.  Some homeowners also make use of these prefabricated garage kits as workshops, storage rooms, or warehouses.  If you are planning the same thing, you can probably look for simpler and less sophisticated kits that are just right for your backyard needs.

Find one that is easy to install

Installation is another very important thing to consider especially if you are planning to put up the prefabricated garage yourself.  If possible, find less sophisticated garage kits that are easier to follow and do yourself.  Look for one that has detailed and clear installation instructions even if you are planning to hire a contractor.  It would make work a lot easier, allowing faster and more efficient installation.

Consider the materials and details you want

Prefabricated garage kits come in different materials.  Choose one that suits the weather conditions in your area.  More durable sets are those made of steel, but they are more expensive than other material types.  Aside from the main structure, you can also choose different materials that make up the roofs, the doors, and the windows, which all affect the price of the garage sets.  Furthermore, think about other details that come with the sets.  For example, some garage kits come with support poles at the center for a stronger structure needed by larger vehicles. If you are planning to make the garage as your workshop, you might want to get a prefabricated garage set with bigger or more windows fro better ventilation.

Mind your budget

Choosing prefabricated garage kits can save you a great deal of money and time, so never go for cheap, poor quality sets.  However, you need not go for very expensive sets.  You still need to consider your budget without sacrificing your needs.

Choose the right manufacturer and shop where you will buy your garage set from

Look for prefabricated garage kit manufacturers that are trusted and those with reputable name for making quality garage sets.  When buying from specialty shops, consider those who have great customer service, such as those who can probably provide installation assistance or give advices as to electrical wiring and flooring.  Try inquiring for packages that include the garage set and installation services.  Furthermore, make sure you have warranty for your garage kit.

When choosing prefabricated garage kits, you must be aware that these do not come with other important details, such as electrical wiring and flooring.  Make sure you are an expert to this or better yet, seek the advice of experts.  As an alternative, you can also consider hiring a contractor to do the installation for you.  After the installation of your prefabricated garage kit has been done, expect not only savings in money and time, but also the convenience of a functional home garage.

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