21 March 2010

4 Ways of Making an Effective Marketing Message

Making an effective marketing message is a skill that needs to be learned and mastered. Here are four ways of being able to master this skill: provide comprehension; make a connection; establish credibility; and, develop contagiousness.

Many times you wondered how is it possible for other speakers or writers to catch the attention of their listeners or their readers for that matter. When you are marketing a product or service, you would absolutely want to have the same capacity of drawing people's concentration on your words to make a sale or close a deal. How to do it effectively is the big question. Here are ways you can follow to be able to improve and become a proficient marketing communications writer:

Provide comprehension

Your primary goal in writing a marketing message is to be able to provide the listening or reading public to fully comprehend your point. One way of finding out that they are able to understand you is when they are able to play back or reiterate what you said. You can ensure proper comprehension from your audience by making sure that your message is clear as well as sharp. Another tip is to keep your message simple. Don't go for words and phrases that are too deep that they sometimes confuse your readers or listeners.

Make a connection

You need to make a connection. Making a connection would not only mean being able to send your message across. Rather is it being able to impart your message with the ability to give meaning and significance of this message to your audience. Your message should be able to trigger emotional responses like anger, happiness, excitement, etc. It is a necessity to bring out the spark of interest in every audience that will drive them to action.

Establish credibility

Credibility is a very critical aspect both in communicating and marketing. You may be able to provide comprehension and even make a connection, yet, your audience may simply turn away from your message soon. This is because they don't find certain things credible. Credibility springs from your capacity to make your listeners or readers believe in what you said or in what you wrote. Making them believe your marketing message would depend on these three issues: who is saying or writing the message, what is the message, and how the message was conveyed.

Develop contagiousness

Contagiousness is a very important thing. When making a marketing message, aim for contagiousness. Don't just aim for understanding and connection from your audience. Instead, aim of spreading and echoing your message. Allow your audience to repeat, spread, reenact your words.

Applying these 4C's of communication every time you make a marketing message will eventually make you a good marketing communications writer.

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