22 March 2010

3 Compatibility Issues of Internet Merchant Accounts with Online Shopping Carts

You may see that there are already lots of online shopping carts in the market for you to choose from. But there is no guarantee that all of them are compatible with any internet merchant account. This is because of some compatibility issues in terms of the following: their software is made only to work with specific payment gateways, they offer non-stop shopping payment solutions, and they provide exclusive services to each client’s needs.

A shopping cart is a computer software that functions where your Web server is found, and it permits an online customer to do stuff that is surfing for a product to buy in any store catalog, putting a carefully chosen item to an electronic basket, and submitting an order for it. It also keeps track of orders and records transactions. That is why, online retailers with Internet merchant accounts find shopping carts extremely useful. An Internet merchant account and a shopping cart working together provide a hassle-free and convenient means of online shopping.

But, the down part is not all shopping carts are compatible with all Internet merchant accounts. Below are the reasons why:

Their software is made only to work with specific payment gateways

The first reason why there are shopping cart and Internet merchant account incompatibilities is mainly because it relies on the software and payment gateway used during the installation of the package. Most shopping carts are programmed to work efficiently with only a few payment gateways. On the other hand, in order for Internet merchant accounts to process credit card transactions, they too must also use different payment gateways. If both software are working with different payment gateway solutions, then it is most likely that they also don’t function well together.

They offer non-stop shopping payment solutions

Most shopping cart software creators are now also offering a complete payment solution that will enable a non-stop shopping solution for customers. It means that they will not be forwarded anymore to any third-party provider for their credit card transactions to push through. Shopping carts are now integrated with their own payment gateways and their own merchant account. Such features are what customers like because it provides hassle-free transaction. With software such as this, you will have to discontinue using your other Internet payment solutions software or accounts.

They provide exclusive services to each client’s needs

The main objective why shopping carts are created is because they provide customer’s excellent service. That is why they are made specifically to every client’s needs. There are shopping carts that present numerous benefits to both the merchant and the customer and it can even be customized according to the theme of your site and other preferences. By working with other companies, retailers also have the freedom to assimilate any payment method such as PayPal or the likes to directly debit the value entailed from the credit card accounts of your customers. If the shopping cart you purchased fits your business needs, then you will also need a payment gateway and Internet merchant account that will do the same thing.

As stated earlier in this article, not all shopping carts are suited to all Internet merchant accounts. But don’t let this stop you from acquiring either of the two or maybe both. Just make sure that they are compatible with each other and in no time you will soon be delivering outstanding service to their customers and you won’t have to suffer any losses no more.

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