07 February 2010

Things I Hate About Facebook Apps

Facebook is the most popular social networking website today.

And there are some things that I hate about Facebook Apps.

Why? The reason is that the Facebook apps make my notifications box flooded, even my wall also flooded with gifts and pillow fight, and some also plays "interview" on me. That was very annoying you know..

What kind of apps that annoyed me?

1. The recent pillow fights and gifts on my "Wall" page::

Walau ehhh... There is a lot of rubbish spams on my wall. Everytime I login into my account, none of them are my friend's posts. I'm getting more bored with it now. RAWR!

2. Blank apps:
*Who "likes" my photos?* o.O

This is more worse than pillow fights. When I visit the apps, at first I thought the application webpage does not load completely. When I refresh the page, I see there is nothing special about the apps, cuz it's BLANK! WTF... The creators of the apps simply have nothing else better to do than create a blank ones. S**t....

3. The personal tests or Lucky Today:
Do you believe them? In my opinion, all these apps are just rubbish that have made you believe to what they say. My dad scolds me for checking out my luck. I just wanna try out only mah! And yes, this was just a crap.

4. Top Scorer notifications:
This is OK for me, although I got play some games like Bejeweled Blitz. However, I'm still sick of this notifications. The good thing is that I am not so addicted to Facebook games. Haha!

5. Last but not least,

All the useless apps will be FOREVER GONE! Goodbye! *Na na na na....na na na na... hey hey... GOODBYE!


  1. FB is pretty pathetic is all the apps.. =P


  2. I don't hate them. I just ignored them. Sometimes they really irritates me. As if they have nothing better to do. So damn freaking lame. All this apps are created to waste our time. :(

  3. yes... now i see that most of our times are relying on facebook to kill our time...

  4. I am totally agree with you! I have to remove all the GIFT from my profile very often!

  5. just set ur privacy settings to disallow unauthorized apps for sending u notifications lar

    this is y i set my account with higher privacy settings

  6. Yeah the stupid gifts damn annoying. WHy can't I get real gifts instead? hahahaha

  7. eh, how can the apps be forever gone? you block is it?

  8. Nicholas: lol... i think you can have a real one for your birthday i guess... xD

    Ihsan: yes... i blocked it... now I feel much better... :P

    Munn: Just block the apps! :)

  9. I know what you mean about the apps! It's annoying!