08 February 2010

My Popular Blog Post

My popular blog post currently goes to: My Nuffnang Earnings! on February 2nd.

Congratulations to my fellow bloggers too...! :-)

*Erm... my dedication is supposed to be for my own. BTW, this is not similar to the Oscar ceremony where winners get to give a short speech. (But I get to tell you more in this post, that's my job to blog man!)

Why this post? Well, most of the people here, especially my fellow bloggers wanted to know, or wanted to share with about earnings. Thank you for your time to visit and comment on my blog.

You get popular today doesn't mean you'll get it forever. If you make a headline of yourself dealing with your negative actions, you're no longer be popular anymore. A celebrity like Tiger Woods, for example, which his sponsorship agreement dropped by the sponsors because of his actions that made the headlines across the world. If I were like him, I am supposed to sit at home relaxing and enjoy with my family, or else go for training. True right?

To become popular is not that easy as you think now, all you need is to respect to every people so that they will support you all the time. Your popularity makes you feel a lot of pressure because there are people who wish to know about what are you doing everyday. "You can run but you can't hide." So you must earn their respect everyone so that they will also respect you too.

My Blogger Newbie Debut starts on October 12 in the year 2009. a short 4 months for me to go into the blogging community. I'm quite happy that I had put my passion on this blog. But I still need some improvements on my blog site. I would love to have a DSLR camera with me to take nice photos around. Now I got nothing to write on my blog without photography. *So disappointing*

Well anyway, please do drop by my blog more often. I will be happy to keep on blogging all the time. :-)


  1. Yep! People love to read about how others earn $$$. :)

  2. Yay, i got 2 posts in the top 10^^