01 February 2010

How Bored Are You?

*Yawn* "Boring!"

How bored are you?

Yes! Everyone is feeling bored everyday. Including this cute cat. Hehe!
I see a lot of people posting their status on Facebook saying that they were bored either at home or at school. No doubt wherever you go to the same places every time, you might also feel bored, unless there is an organised event held.

So what is the reason for feeling bored?

Tired of sitting in front of the computer every day?
No one comment on your post in Facebook, blog, or Twitter etc?
Tired of everyday routine?

 "Meow! I waited for your comments for days already... Why?!"

Don't be silly. Staring for computer for too long can make you dumb. Why not you can go for a walk instead? Good exercise keeps you healthy all the time. 

"Meow~~~ zzzz!" *yawns*

Here's the another article that I wrote, please read it.

Btw, Chinese New Year is coming soon! February is here! Yeah! But still~~~

*Yawn* "I'm bored of waiting my day!"

The Year of Tiger, I can't wait to have a great family reunion during CNY break. And I should not forget that I can still get "ang pows" too! Oh Yeah~~~! But for now...

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  1. Ahaha, yawning cats... and tiger! the final picture and the caption is so funny!

  2. haha.. all yawning pics.. cute =P