24 January 2010

Why Humans Are Getting More And More Lazier?

Do you know why humans today are getting more and more lazier? Why I mean "lazy"? In fact, some of you might don't misunderstand what I meant about it. Thousand apologies to you if I had made a mistake in this post.

My mind was thinking, "Are humans really become lazy after the technologies today made our life easier?"

Some of you will agree and some of you will disagree. Well, there are factors about people being lazy nowdays. How about a computer for an example. So you have a computer and the Internet at home. You can chat along with your friends, working on a project, doing homework, doing business and so much more without a hassle. Online banking is also a convenient way without having to wait in line. I can likely say those who use online banking could be busy or lazy. But never mind, I am just curious about some "lazy" people out there.

When the television set was first invented, you have to switch the channels and sound volume manually. But when it comes together with a remote control, all you have to do is to select the channels and volume, and you don't need to go closer to the TV to switch. Sounds convenient right? Hmm... some will think, "Haiya! Lazy to off the TV, so I can just push the "OFF" button from the remote control." From there onwards, your electric bill has gone higher just because you are lazy to switch off the TV plug. LOL!

Remote control can make you become "lazy".

Now comes to the worst part, this happened to almost every people who stucks in traffic jam every day. Either going to work or school, travelling back and fourth, you will get to hate traffic jams. However, you are lazy and frustruated to wait in line, so all you can do is to find a way to jump queue. Sounds amazing right?

"I don't wanna die just because I get stuck in traffic jams, I wanna get out of here!" Everybody also hates traffic jams, but laziness makes your patience go wild. Sadly, I also have faced several times in traffic jams where some of the "wild" people who wants to go fast by jumping queue in my lane. I purposely stay closer to the car bumper in front when someone tries to jump from my beside lane. If you just pay attention to these "lazy" drivers, and suddenly you "Bang!" the car in front, you will be getting mad also. So please don't try this. Just let them pass through, then next time the others will let you pass through also. Haha!

How about.... Ahh... Just forget about it. I'm lazy to continue writing blog for now. Laziness has to be overcome so that you can actually feel active. Why not you can go for a jogging at a park, or play some sports? This should give you a better life rather than just doing nothing. Nothing is gonna change when you simply don't wanna be active.

Stay COOL! Be Active! Live Life Longer! ^_^


  1. I agree that human are getting lazier. Because everything is so convenience. What can we do? We are using the technology to the max.

  2. Ever a human can live without technologies?

  3. It might be a bit true that humans are a bit lazy due to the invention of many technologies. But the fact that the technologies is improving also helps. There are humans who are hardworking in the progress of upgrading our comfortability levels as this is human desires. If you compare it this way, during the dinosaur age, everyone needs to find their own food. :D Everyone needs to work in order to live during that time. There is no money to buy food or anything. Now, it all depends on which family you are born in either a rich one or a moderate one or maybe a poor one. If you are poor one you just need to work a little bit harder than others. Just my own opinion.

    Regards from cr3ap

  4. I guess people are born lazy..all of us want's to enjoy our life..but excessive laziness will make our life dull. I agree that doing sports is a good way of spending our time rather than just doing nothing

  5. @supia: We can only just live with it.
    @Xiaopei: Depends on your ability to do something without technology.
    @cr3ap: Either you were born rich or poor, you are still a human.
    @theeggyolks: No doubt about that! Everyone should get a life rather than being lazy all the time.

  6. LAZY....I am lazy, I gotta admit in doing many things.
    Firstly, I am lazy to wake up in the morning, and lastly, I am lazy to sleep at night. LOL...haha. :)

  7. @HS: Lol...! Try to keep yourself busy all the time... :)
    Once you really feel tired then you can take a break.