29 January 2010

Why I Like It Longer

What is the definition of "Longer"?

the One
and only New
Generation smartphone with
more Extraordinary
Reinvention of designing

Introducing the new Chocolate BL40 from LG. Sleek, stylish and elegance are the important elements that holds within its perfectly designed "Black Label" phone. That one-of-a-kind had really made me admired the beauty of this model since I saw this from an advertisement on TV. Wow! Look at the length of the touchscreen panel. It is really wider than any other handphones in the market. 4" LCD full touchscreen will make you go crazy to have one in your hands, so irresistible until you got to have a new "man's best gadget", or should I say "man's best friend" instead?

The more you exercise, the longer you live.
The more you eat vegetables, the longer you live too.
The more you use LG Chocolate, the longer you will stick with it.
Of course, the longer the better. Your Life will be more Good. What else more do I like longer things?

Imagine while you are holding a chocolate bar with your own hands. Whenever you feel hungry, you can always take it out and enjoy while taking a break. Imagine that you are now holding a LG Chocolate phone. Whenever you get bored, you can just take it out and enjoy beyond your break time. This "supermodel" phone can simply hook up with you wherever you go, even though you might think that you are carrying a PlayStation Portable.

Ask yourself, why do you like it LONGER?
"I like it for a reason, but I'm too speechless for this glamourous phone that I saw."
"Extremely gorgeous! This phone has attracted me to its design and it was really beautiful. Recommended to have it in your pocket."

How about the features of this model?
"Superb 21:9 aspect ratio cinematic High Definition display, it's a mobile movie on the go."
"5 Megapixels camera, awesome!"
"Widescreen for internet browser gives a better internet surfing experience."
"Multi-touch input method, Love It!"

Value for money phone?
"No comment because I have no money."  Probably yes because the price is quite reasonable since this phone is one of the best price offered compared to Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson phone.

And, what's more longer than LG Chocolate?

Well,  honestly I do have my own "Hello Moto" for long years until now. The phones today are getting more and more updated but I still yet to buy a new one. I just can't wait to change a new one. LG, please bless me good luck! :-)
"I don't like it short, I would love to have a longer smartphone." *I'm not sexy!*

And last but not least, thank you for visiting. LG Chocolate BL40, the special "Black Label" model is simply outstanding. 

p/s Important: This post is strictly created for contest participation purposes. Any plagiarism activity is strictly prohibited. Do not copy! I had made this for long hours.
Copyright(c) Determined....: by Wooi Kit, January 2010.


  1. how much was the lg chocolate...i prefer iphone leh


  2. Creative post, all the best!
    Cheers & do keep in touch!

  3. U are so far the only one half naked for this contest haha.

    Good luck~