28 January 2010

6 Fundamental Industrial Safety Equipment Items Needed for a Secure Work Environment

To assure the utmost safety of your industrial workers, you must require the use of fundamental safety equipment, including: protective eye gear, protective ear gear, a respirator, protective gloves and footwear, protective head gear, and fire protection tools.

Occupational safety is a concern for every industry. It imposes a great deal of responsibility on the part of the workers as well as with the employer. It is of primary importance that workers be aware of and can follow specific safety precautions and guidelines at all times. It is the role of the employer to compel every employee to abide in the company’s safety policies. Prevention is still best step to take. Here is a list of basic industrial safety equipment prescribed for use in the work place to assure safety in hazardous working conditions.

Protective eye gear

Eye gear is very useful protection against any eye injury. The type of gear required will solely depend on the environment’s level of danger. A simple pair of glasses will work well to protect a worker’s eyes in a lower level of danger. A full face shield and a pair of goggles are recommended alternatives for more dangerous environments.

Protective ear gear

Protective ear gear is important when the intensity of sound is quite hazardous. Earmuffs or earplugs are the best examples of ear gear that provides adequate protection in most cases.


Lung safety is vital in a working environment where there is a regular presence of powder or gas. A respirator is a good lifesaving apparatus. However, a regular check-up with the doctor is essential for preventive measures.

Protective gloves and footwear

Boots can protect the feet from the danger of falling objects. Wearing gloves is good protection from scraps, burns, and even contamination.

Protective head gear

Using a helmet is an incredibly effective lifesaver. Any trauma to the head is dangerous. In innumerable incidents, using a head gear, specifically a helmet, has saved several lives in the workplace.

Fire protection tools

Since fire is one great threat in any workplace, keeping a fire extinguisher is a necessity. Regardless of the size of the company, whether it is a big factory or a smaller office, fire protection is a must.

It is clear that safety guidelines in the work environment should be emphasized and implemented. A variety of additional industrial safety equipment is needed in the workplace such as: life jackets, protective work clothes, safety belts, rain gear, hazard warning devices, gas detection devices, safety vests, reflective tools, and fall protection items.

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