01 January 2010

New Year outingzz!

First of all! It's January the first!
Happy New Year 2010!!!

No wonder everyone are so excited about the year. What's hot and what's cool this year? Anyway, we'll gonna find out when the time comes! Haha! *wink*

Today, I'm just going out for fun actually. I just went to Gunung Keriang, Alor Setar. The sceneries of the hill are beaufitul and there are also selling pure solid crystals. Travel to here is around half an hour from Alor Setar town area.

Let's visit the National Science Center Northern Branch. I didn't know this place had opened for long time. It is located beside Paddy Museum. I once went to National Science Center in KL. Nah! KL is far more better than here. By that time the place is not crowded at all.

Main entrance

 This Way

Going upstairs...

 Proton Wira engine part and chassis

Welcome in...


 You see this? There is no strings attached. How am I gonna play? Well, the strings are replaced by sensors. The sensors can detect hand motion. The sound tone came from different sensors.


This part where I studied light in Physics when I was Form 4. (Actually... I missed this part where I did not enter for class because I went for competition. I just only followed up when I was in Form 5. Sad case huh.)


There's more...

Oh well... That's all for now... I hope this year I can have a better life for this year. Thanks for visiting and do take care of yourselves too. Once again, Happy New Year to everybody! ^_^v

Help! I'm stuck... :-P

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