31 December 2009

7 Effective Ways to Easily Get More Life Insurance Leads

The easiest and most effective ways of generating life insurance leads include: buying from insurance lead companies, looking into the needs of your family and friends, asking for referrals from close people and existing customers, working with professionals who know the financial status of their clients, being active in financial or investment seminars and lectures, joining clubs and other organizations, and making yourself and your service known over the Internet.

Generating life insurance leads is not an easy task. You need to have many resources available in order to be more productive. The following tips can help you generate more insurance leads easily and effectively:

Buy from insurance lead companies

Many agents have saved a lot of time in getting more insurance leads through insurance lead companies. You can take advantage of an insurance lead program for a certain fee and instantly get a list of prospects you can contact and deal with. There are many companies you can find on the Web and in your local directories. Just make sure you go over reviews so  you know that the company you are choosing gives reliable information.

Look into the needs of our family and friends

Probably the easiest and fastest way to get insurance leads is through your family, relatives, and friends. Not only is it easier to keep in touch with them, but it is also easier to get them to listen to you and be convinced of your products because they know you and they trust you. People prefer to do business with people they trust that they can easily get in touch with when they have concerns. Furthermore, in order for you to get more prospects, you have to keep yourself updated with new changes of your relatives and friends, such as getting married, having a baby, and other changes that might influence their insurance decisions.

Ask fir referrals from close people and existing customers

Your family and friends are not only good prospects, they are also great sources for generating more leads. Ask for referrals from people close to you. Remember that they know many people you do not know who can be great prospects. You can leave them your business card so that they can share your contact details with friends who may be in need of your service.

Work with professionals who know the financial status of their clients

Life insurance may not be an option for some people who are striving to provide their daily needs, making it difficult for you to find the right people you can deal with. To help you get the right prospects, it is helpful and effective that you know and connect with professionals who know the financial status of their clients, such as real estate brokers and financial planners.

Be active in financial or investment seminars and lectures

Some companies may hold lectures and seminars on investments and financial planning. Most of the attendees are looking for ways in invest their money. It would be wise for you to regularly attend these seminars, since life insurance is a good way to invest money. Casually talk to the attendees after lectures and find out about their needs before setting an appointment with them for the presentation of your products.

Join clubs and other organizations

Another key to getting more life insurance leads and meeting new prospects is to join clubs and other organizations. Actively participating in meetings, gatherings, and club activities makes you more visible and will help you increase your credibility when it comes to your commitment. This is a good advantage on your part to help you gain trust from the people who could be your prospects.

Make yourself and your service known on the Internet

Social networks such, as Facebook and Twitter, are not just good for socializing with old and new friends, but are good places to do business, too. Indicate your job or employer in your profile to make your services known. The Internet is also a very powerful advertising tool. Setting up a website, for example, can help you promote and introduce your different insurance plans to your prospects.

Knowing that working as a life insurance agent can be very difficult, these tips will surely make your insurance lead generation easier and more effective. Remember that an efficient insurance agent is not only good at communicating with people and knowing their needs, but also skilled at generating leads and looking for prospects.

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