25 December 2009

Christmas is Today!

Ho Ho Ho! Wootz~~ Merry Christmas to all my readers and bloggers. :-)

Picture taken from Island Plaza, Penang

From my previous post this month, I will now show you the clearer and sharper picture of Restoran Nasi Kandar Tunas, which is located in Paya Terubong. You can see the "Red Devils" signboard very clearly.

Front page menu with pictures of Manchester United

Teh Tarik satu...!

This place is just like the other normal nasi kandar restaurant. The special thing about this place is the shop decorated with a lot of Man Utd posters and merchandises. What's more? There is a giant screen for you to watch EPL matches live too. I had come to the correct place since the supporters are mostly MU fans. Glory glory Man Utd!

When breakfast this morning, I had eaten another Char Koay Teow again. This time is located in Mount Erskine Market. RM2.60 for this plate, tastes quite good also. Served together with Kopi 'O' makes me feel refreshed.

And... I took some pictures while feeling bored for sometime.


Last but not least... I grabbed a 'moonlight'...! Hehe!

My bro posing a bodybuilder style...

Once again, Merry Christmas to all my friends and also my readers and bloggers. Have a nice holiday! ^_^

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