26 December 2009

6 Easy Steps for Cleaning Chrome Fixtures

You only have to follow six easy steps to maintain and clean your store’s chrome fixtures: prepare your cleaning essentials, remove any loose dirt, wipe the fixture surface, prepare your cleaner and apply it on the surface, remove stains and rust, and buff and polish the fixtures.

Chrome store fixtures make wonderful accents for contemporary stores. From shelves and racks to wall units and lighting, the sleek and polished surfaces of these retail store fixtures adds a modern touch to any store. Chrome fixtures provide both function and design to your shop. They are also easy to clean and maintain, and the cleaning materials you need are fairly easy to obtain.

Step 1: Prepare your cleaning essentials

The cleaning materials for chrome fixtures consists of a microfiber duster, dish washing soap, warm water, a small brush, white vinegar or rubbing alcohol, soft cloths and a spray bottle. You can do without the spray bottle, vinegar and rubbing alcohol if you plan to use a commercial cleaner.

Step 2: Remove any loose dirt

Use the duster to dust off any loose dirt from the surface and corners of your chrome fixtures. This is a basic ritual which you can do at least twice a week. If you have a relatively busy shop, foot traffic is heavier since more dust and dirt is brought inside. You must do your dusting on a daily basis if this is the case.

Step 3: Wipe the fixture surface

After removing any traces of loose dirt, you will need to prepare the fixture’s surface by wiping it with a soft cloth damped with a mixture of dish washing soap and warm water. Use a small brush to scrub the narrow corners and recesses of the chrome fixture.

Step 4: Prepare your cleaner and apply it on the surface

Cleaners are not only used for removing dirt but for giving chrome fixtures a polished look and extra shine. You can use a commercial cleaner or even prepare one using white vinegar or rubbing alcohol and filling a spray bottle with it. Spray the cleaner onto the fixture’s surface and wipe it using the soft cloth. Make sure to wipe all the areas and corners well to remove dirt, oils and dust particles.

Step 5: Remove stains and rust

If your chrome fixture has any sticky stains or rusty spots, you can resolve this by spraying your cleaner directly on the area and let it stay for about ten minutes. After the allotted time, you can remove the cleaner by wiping it off.

Step 6: Buff and polish the fixtures

Using a soft, dry cloth buff the fixtures until all traces of water or cleaners are removed. Do this step until the fixtures are totally dry and have a polished and shiny look.

Chrome fixtures are a wonderful addition to any store. They can easily brighten up and accentuate the shop and make it look more modern and attractive to customers without sacrificing functional benefits. Cleaning and maintaining chrome fixtures does not have to be difficult and could, in fact, be done on a regular basis.

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