01 December 2009

5 Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed in SEO

To avoid scams in SEO you should never give out important information to anyone offering free trials, be wary of overpriced and underpriced service rates, avoid suspicious promises and guarantees, stay away from someone who does not listen to your concerns, and be wary of unsolicited SEO offerings.

If you run a website or online firm, you might have heard of some techniques for generating more traffic like search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the method of making web pages in a way that will make them rank high in search engine results. This is called optimizing your website and can help draw more potential clients and generate traffic. You can actually hire a jacksonville seo expert to optimize your site for you. But you must remember a few tips on how to avoid getting scammed and how to make sure that the company or person you are hiring is indeed proficient in the field.

Never give out important information to anyone offering free trials

A common scamming method involves offering free trials for a specific period during which you are asked to give access information. They might ask you to give them your password so they can work on your site during the said trial period. This offer could be tempting, but there is no need to take this much risk. Never give out any important information to anyone giving suspicious offers.

Be wary of overpriced or underpriced service rates

There are several websites that work as a bidding arena where various bidders can post their service rates and offerings. Usually there is a prevailing price range, and you can use this to compare and scrutinize the rates being offered to you. Underpriced service fees could indicate poor quality work. On the other hand, if you think the service offer is too high and expensive, you might want to do a background check on the person or company’s reputation and credentials so you can see for yourself if they are worth the rates they are imposing.

Avoid suspicious promises and guarantees

There are some SEO sites that make suspicious guarantees, like promising you a specific page rank in a number of days. SEO sites that give generic promises like this without actually having an idea of what your site is about are misleading you. Remember that page ranking is performed periodically and not on a daily basis. It does not rely solely on the performance of your site; it is influenced by the rankings of other websites and their popularity and relevance.

Don’t invest in someone who does not listen to your concerns

A competent SEO professional is well-versed in the techniques and rules of the system and should be able to answer your concerns and questions. If you find yourself talking with someone who is only keen at sales pitching and constantly shifts the subject when you ask him a question, most likely he does not know what he is doing. You will want to work with someone who is transparent with the transaction, listens to your concerns, and is comfortable answering your questions.

Be wary of unsolicited SEO offerings

The Internet is replete with spammers who can easily obtain email and contact information using illegal means. Be cautious when someone sends you a suspicious SEO offering which you know you have not asked or signed up for. It might be better if you just ignore these offers.

Search Engine Optimization is an interesting marketing Search Engine Optimization is an interesting marketing tool. Like any other investment you make for your business, you should be careful which SEO services you invest in.

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