02 December 2009

3 Essential Tips for Writing and Submitting Articles Online

Getting ready to write and submit articles to online directories? Follow these tips. Differentiate your article from competitor articles, use a targeted submission campaign for your articles, and choose the best places to submit your articles.

Article marketing is fast becoming a marketing strategy on the Internet. Article marketing is defined as a method of advertising where business enterprises write articles featuring a topic related in the industry they are competing in. Well-written articles are effective for building website traffic, bringing in potential clients and leads into the website, and improving the business’s credibility. Because of this marketing trend, article writing services are proliferating on the internet. Currently, there are countless freelance writers who write articles on a wide range of topics and submit them to an Article Directory. Article writers who want to be competitive and proficient in the field of article marketing must learn a few tips on how to write and submit articles the right way.

Differentiate your article from competitor articles

Currently there is an influx of article submissions all over the Internet that are featured in different article directories. You must learn to make your article and your writing services stand out from the rest. Research your competitors so you know what articles they offer and the strategies they are using. You can found out about this from article directory websites. It is also a good idea to frequent social networking sites, blogs, online forums, and be up to date with trending topics online so you’ll know what people are currently interested in. All this research will help you pick out a good topic to write about and teach you how you can make your article different from all the other articles.

Use a targeted submission campaign for your articles

A lot of writers make the mistake of using a scatter shot approach of their submission campaign. Targeted campaigns are more successful because they are able to target a particular group of audience and draw them in. When you have identified a target audience it will be easier for you to write articles with content specifically targeted to spark interest from that audience. Make sure that you thoroughly perform keyword analysis and search engine optimization so you will know exactly how to use these with your campaign strategy. Make sure your articles are filled with accurate and comprehensive information about the business you are representing as well.

Choose the best places to submit your articles

Effective article marketing does not end in writing a good quality and unique article; you should also know where to submit the article you have written. Choose websites, article directories, and newsletters that are not only credible but are known to have thousands of targeted website visitors every day. Do not waste your efforts and potentials on websites that have poor reputations or poor quality articles.

The method of advertising a product or service through writing articles is not a new approach in traditional marketing, but it is defining the marketing strategies of the online world. To use this approach effectively, one must be able to know the right way to write and submit articles.

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