23 December 2009

5 Key Things to Know About Article Marketing for Effective Advertising

Article writing is an advertising tool a company uses to promote the company, its products, or its website. A writer utilizes either traditional or online article marketing. Key strategies for article marketing include smart use of keywords, publishing in competitive article directories, and writing excellent articles.

Article marketing has become a popular advertising tool for many companies. What really is article marketing and how does it work to help promote your company? Here is some important information about article marketing that you will find useful for your marketing and advertising needs:

What is article Marketing

Article marketing is an advertising tool you can use traditionally or through the Internet to help promote your company or your products, services, or website. Your business shall Submit Articles to different media, such as magazines, newspapers, and online article directories that are relevant to the industry. These articles will help the media give helpful content for their readers and at the same time will help you advertise your company either by directly mentioning your company name or product in the article or by providing keywords in the article that will redirect readers to your website when clicked.

Types of article marketing

Article marketing is classified and can be applied in two ways. These include the traditional and online article marketing.

*Traditional article marketing. The traditional manner of article marketing is writing articles for publication in newspapers, magazines, and other print media. This will benefit both you and the print media company as they get to have relevant information printed in their paper from you for free and you get to advertise your company’s information and contact details for free.

*Online article marketing. This type of article marketing has increasingly become a popular and powerful way of advertising. The increased number of internet users has contributed much to the success of online article marketing. You can make articles and submit them for publication in online directories or article syndication websites for publishing. Some example are E-zine articles, Idea Marketers, Article Click, and Go Articles. To advertise your website, you need to establish keywords in your article that link to a product in your website or your homepage. You can also indicate the name of your company and your contact details in the resource box and provide a link to your website.

Keywords are the key

For your article to be shown in top results, you need to make use of the right keyword phrase. Using keywords that are rarely keyed in when making a search will surely result in poor article visibility. On the other hand, keywords that are too common or too short can give you a hard time making it to the top search results, thus leaving your article unread. You need to determine the right keyword phrase to use that is relevant to your article and that will also give you a greater chance of appearing in the first pages of search results.

Publishing in competitive article directories

Another way for your article marketing to be effective, you need to publish your articles in competitive article directories. Competitive websites are those that are known for publishing articles with good content, as well as those who are helpful in getting your articles read and noticed by many. Try out different article syndication websites and see which among them are effective in publishing your articles. You will usually find out about these as you get email alerts for articles that are viewed or commented upon.

Excellent articles for excellent marketing

Finally, to get your article marketing to work, you need to make relevant and well-written articles. For one reason, you need a good article so that your article gets published in article directories. be sure to check grammar and spelling in your work. You also need to come up with excellent articles so that readers will go all the way to the end, helping you gain credibility from prospective clients.

As long as you apply the strategies in article marketing, you will have a greater chance of increasing your recognition among the public, as well as website traffic and increase your chance of greater sales.

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