22 December 2009

10 Personal Guides As A Waiter / Waitress

Here are my 10 short Personal Guides which I had experienced as a part time waiter. Waiter or waitress is important because they are important in provide services for the customers in the Food and Beverage industry.

1. Respect the customers.
2. Be polite.
3. Be responsible.
4. Always smile.
5. Be patient.
6. Be active.
7. Be alert.
8. Be positive.
9. Be smart.
10. Be confident.

If there is no customer in your restaurant, just be patient and wait for customer to walk-in. If you really feel dissatisfied with the customers just walking past by your restaurant, then you have to try to promote more on your restaurant. I was once working for a whole day without even a customer walk-in. Anyway, try not to do something weird to your customers as they can be afraid not to come back again. If you can manage to follow the guides, I can assure you can work very well without facing any problems.

Yesterday I do not have internet to surf. I was bored and really have nothing to do. I can only just stay at home and sleep for long hours. In the morning, my uncle brought me and my grandma to Air Itam market to have breakfast. I had another Char Koay Teow again, but this one is kinda traditional.

I don't know which Char Koay Teow is best in Penang because whenever I go eat, the taste is almost the same. Haha! Just kidding... this one is much better. This plate costs RM2.20. It contains 2 pieces of prawns, cockles, tauge and not to forget Koay Teow. Yummy! Why is it traditional? Well, my grandma often went to the market in Air Itam since old times. So the stall owner selling Char Koay Teow knows my grandma well for years.

I also remembered that last time my dad bring me to eat Curry Mee where the old lady sit on "bangku" or stool. That is the most famous curry mee in Air Itam. Currently I don't have a picture of Curry Mee with me, so I will be going to pay a visit for that special bowl of Curry Mee when I am free. Hehe!


  1. This plate of char kueh teow is damn freaking cheap man. Check my Nov post on Penang trip. RM 6 my friend!!~

  2. It's kinda true, Char Kuey Tiao everywhere tastes the same to me (:

    Maybe we're still amateur in the Char Kuey Tiao industry.

    No matter what, my love for it shall not change. heh

    I prefer CKT with duck egg thou!

  3. jfook: I had check out your blog on your trip to Penang. That plate is expensive. If for me I had already left the place without ordering the plate cuz I can already order 3 plates for that price. Hehe!

    peiqi: I think we should create a CKT fan club. CKT with duck egg, hmm... I never tried it before but going to. ^_^