05 November 2009

Loy Loy Krathong...

Loy Krathong, held on the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar. That day is actually last Monday night. Picture shown above is my own "Krathong" or better known as styrofoam ready-made with flower covered raft which was bought in a temple. Normally my mum use a section of banana tree trunk which is cut into handspan diameter. After that banana leaves and a bunch of flowers are used to decorate the raft and volla! A traditional "Krathong" is made.

After the monks chanting and praying, then it's time to go "Loy Krathong"!

Whoa! That's a lot of people who are eager to have their rafts float on the river. By the time I was waiting my turn to place my raft on the river, one woman nearly burned a man's shirt. How dangerous it is when holding two rafts with two hands with both candles already lit. Even one of her raft also caught on fire. Luckily her nearby people managed to put off the small fire. Small damages dealt to her raft. LOL!! The worst thing I get was my face had candle waxed by my dad unintentionally. That was hot and oh yeah! When I placed my raft on the river, I saw some rafts had already burned floating not far away from the riverbank. I guess most of the rafts would burned after floating a while on the river.

Time passes by quite fast since semester break last week. I went bowling but can't managed to bowl better than ever. Maybe I'm already old? Haha... Bored at home now but can only stare with my lappy. T_T

Dear friends, any events or gatherings going on please contact me. Thanks for viewing my blog. ^_^

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