04 November 2009

10 Reputable Hobby Shops Where You can Find Needlework Supplies

Stitch On Needlework Shop, Herrschners, and Hobby Lobby are examples of some online hobby shops for your needlework needs. You can also visit The Busy Needle, Countless Stitches, Needle Delights, Needles and Threads, Stitchers’ Express, Hobby Co. of San Francisco, and Wye Needlecraft.

Others may find it boring but needlework is a fun and very interesting hobby. It brings out your inner creativity and it can also benefit you in many ways. To get you started, you need the necessary materials and guide books depending on what field you want to concentrate more on like quilting, cross-stitching, crocheting, and the likes. You can find these resources on many hobby shops, either on the Internet or in your area. Examples of these shops are listed below:

Stitch On Needlework Shop

This hobby shop can provide you with lots of materials needed for needlework especially when it comes to quilting. They have beautiful and affordable cross-stitch, embroidery, and quilt patterns, lots of quilting threads, 100% cotton embroidery flosses in different color variations, and stamps and templates for quilt designs. They also have fabrics in charm packs, fat-eights or quarters, and ½ yard cuts specifically patterned for quilting. They also sell complete sets or kits for quilting which includes already the patterns or designs, blocks, settings, fabrics, threads, and needles. You can buy from them quilt books to learn more about the craft and more patterns or projects that you may want to try.

Visit their retail store at 926 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66044.


This store also offers lots of resources and a wide array of products for cross-stitch and needlework enthusiasts. They offer variations of threads like DMC embroidery flosses, gloss rainbow blending threads, DMC color variations thread collection, pearl cotton threads, machine embroidery threads, tapestry wool-skein and hank, satin, cotton, linen flosses, cotton thread balls, filament stashes, canvas yarns, cordon nets,  crochet threads, and lots of thread packs. They offer lots of needlework fabrics, cloth, and canvasses. They have cross-stitch kits which already includes the patterns, DMC cotton floss, needle, fabric, and instructions. They also have quilting materials, accessories, tools, and finishing kits. They have embellishments and beads for needlework designing. They also have everything for knitting and crocheting like yarns, crochet threads, organizers, knitting machines, hooks or needles, and other tools and accessories. If you like to create and decorate special table linens, they also have cross-stitch or embroidery kits just for it. They also have book and magazine to further enhance your hobby.

Their store is located at 2800 Hoover Road, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481.

Hobby Lobby

This online needlework shop holds a huge inventory of needlework materials for cross-stitching, crocheting, knitting, and felting like threads, fabrics, hooks or needles, and more.

Here are other shops that you may want to try:

The Busy Needle

Countless Stitches

Needle Delights

Needles and Threads

Stitchers Express

Hobby Co. of San Francisco

Wye Needlecraft

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