12 November 2009

The 2nd week of long semester break...

Everyday, I wake up, then shower, then online, then eat, then go bowling, then rest, then repeat all over again. So bored until I have to find something that can enjoy my time happily. Dota in Garena also win sometimes lose sometimes. So I still have to learn a bit more and practice more to master the game. Just yesterday I played with my friends. Some of my DEEI gang played together. When I was playing suddenly my computer lags while the others doesn't even have internet lag. Why? My dad is using internet too. At first I still insist of continue playing. After 1 hour of the game, both teams still cannot break the base yet. Suddenly alarm sounds. OMG!!! Alarm sounds equals to internet disconnected. I getting more angry since I am the only one who is the stunner that can help defend my team. There I go, my team loses without my help. I HATE STREAMYX!!! I should call it SH!TMYX since there are too many interuptions like phone calls, unstable internet and so on. Come on, should you pay RM110 every month just for internet? Others using cheaper one but faster speed. Too expensive already!!! Switch to wimax should cost a lot cheaper than SH!TMYX. Wimax gives RM99 per month with free modem if subscribe to 2 years contract. Time to change. Don't just keep spending on useless ISP. Be smart!

Anyway, I'm bored of staying at home just online with crappy internet interference. Come to think about it, should the ISP be more responsible to give more service satisfaction for the customers who subscribe for the internet? My suggestion is to find out why customers are not happy for the current ISP and investigate how to settle this kind of situation.

By the way, for those who are currently having semester break, have a nice holiday. ^_^

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