13 October 2009

The Exam draws near...

Now I am in Semester 2 of Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Left 2 weeks from now will be starting the one of my most intense exam ever... Normal students taking only 2 subjects for this semester but I am the only one who will be taking 6 instead... Sounds impossible right? Last semester I was unable to attend the exam due to urgent appendix surgery. So all of my coursework marks are all carried forward to the next semester. For you guys you will think that I am not fair to everyone just because I can no need take Semester 1 exam then can continue Semester 2. Well, actually... I was the one who chose to take 6 subjects which Ms. Hema, the Head of Programme give me few choices about this issue. She ask me whether I can take all 6 subjects in one shot. By that time my mind pops up 2 things. One is I got no choice but to take all subjects which I haven't yet examed and another one is if I take few subjects, I might be fall behind alongside my coursemates by 1 semester. That was a tough decision I had made. Until now I had never ever started revise back Semester 1 subjects yet due to all the assignments and reports that currently doing by now. Oh man... I wonder how I can tackle all these pressure now... Sob sob.. T_T

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